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Buyerx Review-The Brutal Truth Exposed-Is This A Scam?

Buyerx is a new software soon to launch promoted by Mahmoud Alwaqfi. The information released says it is a “brand new method to get FREE BUYERS TRAFFIC for FREE.” In this article, I will tell you about my Buyerx review, where the brutal truth is exposed, and we can determine if this is a scam.

Let’s take a closer look at the Buyerx software. We will cover:

  1. Who is Mahmoud Alwaqfi?
  2. What is Buyerx?
  3. Buyerx Review-The Brutal Truth Exposed-Is This A Scam?
  4. Upsells
  5. My recommendations regarding Buyerx
  6. 4-Step Blueprint


Program name: Buyerx

Founder: Mahmoud Alwaqfi

Price:  Not listed anywhere

Who is Mahmound Alwaqfi?

Mahamoud has been a digital marketer for 7 years. His interest lies in affiliate marketing and list building. He believes that people have problems, and they want to find a solution. He developed Buyerx as a solution to their problem.

Mahamoud says the very system he will offer you is working for him, and he wants to help you with your success.

Buyerx Review-The Brutal Truth Exposed-Is This A Scam? mock of product2

What Is Buyerx?

Buyerx is a 3 step system to generate “FREE BUYER” traffic for you. Now, this sounds good, but exactly what does it mean? As affiliate marketers, we need traffic to our websites or our social media accounts. I believe the traffic Buyerx wants to give you is in the form of people who suit your website and want to purchase what you sell.

Buyerx claims you will get free traffic from interested people who will buy your product. You will have more people see what you are promoting, and the interested people are statistically more prone to buy your product.

Let’s take a closer look to see if this is a good software for you.

The Laura Method

Buyerx Review-The Brutal Truth Exposed-Is This A Scam?

Let’s take a look at the sales page to see what Buyerx is all about.

buyerx review opening statement

We begin our review with the opening statement that it is a “one-click” system to collect “viral visitors.”

The sales page goes on with a plea to your emotional side when it asks if you are tired of not having any money.

The sales page tells us what they offer and that is:

  • Traffic is 100% Free
  • Completely Beginner Friendly
  • It will work with the niche you choose
  • The training is Step-By-Step
  • You can use this program without a Website
  • No experience with design or coding needed
  • New never released methods
  • Get conversions with 100% FREE buyer traffic
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
buyerxn review 3 steps

Only 3 steps to start. I think the second step on the screenshot is supposed to be “PASTE.”

I searched what the 3 steps mean and what you have to do to accomplish them. The sad part is I couldn’t find out until I pay for the basic product.

He tells us that he can charge $200 or even $354, and he can charge $97, but he will give it to you for a discount. That is all he says. We don’t even know how much the product is. Is this Buyerx review turning into a scam? WOW! Now the red flags are flying high, and my recommendation for this program is dropping fast.

As I went through all of the sales pages and each upsell I learned that Buyerx is:

  • A done for you system
  • Copy and paste and make money
  • With each upsell, you will make more money
  • All done in 60 seconds or less
  • No price tag is on any product
  • All of the sales pages are the same
  • Nothing explains what the program entails


I found a list of upsells. I am not able to find any prices for any of the basic or the upsells. Each page I clicked on for each of the upsells was the same with a slight variation yet no price. They all said, “why you need this upgrade?” None of them made it clear what each upgrade would do except make more money. This Buyerx review is looking more like a scam at every turn.

BUYERX DS (upsell #1)

buyerx review OTO 1

The screenshot here is for the first upsell. It is the same promises that are made for the basic program.

BUYERX VOL 2 (upsell #2)

VOL 2 claims some different promises and some outrageous statements but still does not tell us what the program is.

  • Make MASSIVE income
  • Hot BUYER leads-endless supply
  • Completely automated system for you to live a life of freedom

BUYERX VOL 2 DS (upsell #3)

Upsell #3 is a disappointment just like the others. No price and no idea what you will get except to make more money. We can all wish for more money, but it won’t happen if we don’t plan.

  • Work less and get more money with this upgrade.
  • You can make $150 a day in the basic program, but you can make $500 a day with this upgrade.
  • Follow these simple method that is top secret, proven, and tested to make money. (But hey, we don’t even know what the method is.)

BUYERX VOL 3 (upsell #4)

Upsell VOL 3 now states you can make $800 a day if you upgrade but again no mention of any difference from the basic program. No mention of how much you will pay or what you will do.

BUYERX review OTO vol 3

My recommendations regarding Buyerx

I am having a hard time believing what I have seen and not seen. My Buyerx review has turned out to be a scam and a real eye-opener. I am definitely giving this program a 3 THUMBS DOWN!

  • We have no idea how much it is until you click to buy.
  • All of the sales pages are the same.
  • There is no mention of what you have to do to make money.
  • The copy in the funnel is misspelled and poor grammar.

I don’t believe I need to go any further with this review. It is a done deal Buyerx is a SCAM!

150 thumbs down
150 thumbs down
150 thumbs down
buyerx review, pin

Free traffic is a no-no. Google frowns on free traffic if you have a website, and you may be penalized for it. Free traffic is the practice of spamming people. You send cold emails to email lists you are given. You know what I am talking about. I am certain you receive many of these emails a day. I know I do!

There is no guarantee that a list of buyers will be the ones who want to buy your product. Let’s say you put an ad on Facebook. My understanding is Buyersx will give you a list of people who may want to buy your product. But it is proven a person needs to see an offer 7 times before they buy.

With the 7 time rule, this means you have to send them a spam email over and over to get their attention, and there is no guarantee they will open your email. After all, they did not sign up for your list, so they are not an interested party.

Buyerx is a scam even with the 30 day guarantee. I believe it will be like so many I have reviewed. When you try to get your money back the vendor will be long gone. That is how most scam work. It is so sad. Don’t give your money to the Buyerx scam!

The Laura Method

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