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What Is The Best Retirement Fund And A Safe Investment?

You worked all of your life at Walmart or another company that did offer retirement options, but you didn’t make enough money to put away a retirement fund. There is another way, so I want to talk about retirement fun and what is the best one.

I am asking you to follow this post to the end because maybe you are a person who has worked hard all of your life and you only made minimum wage.

You have a pension, but it is minimal because you never made much money.

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You Ask, What is the Best Retirement Fund?

You are proud of the money you make, and at age 65, you are worn out, and you need to retire. You make $1000 a month in social security, and you have a retirement of $260,000 and a pension of almost nothing.

What will you do?

First, let me talk about the types of retirement funds and then safe retirement investments. Then I have some ideas for you — things I have done to boost my retirement and make my life easier.

Types of Retirement Funds

401(K)– A 401(K) is an employee retirement with a company where you work.

different types of retiremtn funds

Each account is different, but the basic plan is you take money out of your paycheck and put it into a retirement fund, and the company matches the amount from 3%-6%. If you take $25 out of your paycheck every two weeks or every month, the company will put into your account 0.75-$1.50 each time you contribute.

It doesn’t sound like much, but it is free money, and it does add up.

The money you contribute is tax-free until you take it out to use it at retirement age.

Usually, you will have to become vested meaning you need to work with the company for 5-10 years before you can take this money with you.

403(B)-The 403(B) is like the 401(K) but used by nonprofit companies.

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)-Your employer offers a retirement plan such as this one if they don’t provide a 401(K) or a 403(B). There is no match of funds as you contribute to the account.

Roth IRAs-When you contribute to a Roth IRA the money you contribute is taxed before you put it in and you can remove it at any time without a tax penalty.

These are 4 of the more straightforward types of retirement funds you can have to save money for retirement.

Keep in mind that I do understand you did not make enough money to take any out for retirement. Or you are now at a young age and do not have money to contribute and still feed the family.

Safe Retirement Investments

word secure on a red background

Let’s say you have managed to put some money away into a retirement fund, but it is nowhere near what you will need. You want to invest this money into a safe retirement, but you don’t know what is safe.

First, let me say there is no such thing as a safe retirement. Any time you are trading stocks to increase your income, you have the chance of losing all of it if the market drops.

This stock drop is what happened during the stock market crash on October 24, 1929, that led to the great depression.

Most do not remember this depression. My mom used to tell me stories about how she was a little girl, and they did not have food for the table. She said if they did not live on a farm and grown their food, they would not have made it through without starving.

Many say this will never happen again, and I agree with them, but we are facing far graver problems ahead than the depression.

Many people do not make enough money to support their families. And our children are tempted with the desire for many brand name products because their friends have them. We, as parents, want to give them a good life, but we do not have the means to do so.

Or maybe you are close to retirement and your funds have not grown to the level needed to support you without working.

Why Do You Need A Retirement Fund?

The statistics today say you will need 1.8 million in a retirement fund to support yourself for 30 years of retirement.

2 little men with a life ring and an umbrella in red, safety

How many of us have this kind of money? I know I do not!

When you reach the retirement age, you start to wear out. Your body gets tired and working full time to support yourself is no longer an option.

Many people are working into their 70’s today, but their bodies do not support the same type of strenuous work they have done in the past.

The typical age a person will live to today has increased in the past 90 years.

In 1930 the average life expectancy was 59. But in 2010 the average life expectancy is 78. People today are living an average of 19-20 years longer and need an income to support themselves longer.

The life expectancy today in 2019 is 86.6 years.We have talked about the types of retirement, but it is all confusing and just isn’t enough. What will you do?

How long will We Have Social Security?

I found an at-home job that offers the best retirement fund with safe investment possibilities. I call it Wealthy Affiliate.

At the age of 61, before my retirement date, I began learning about Affiliate Marketing. I knew I needed to generate an income to supplement my retirement and social security.

You may think you can not learn a new career or the internet is way too hard for you. I am here to say this is not true. If I can do it, anyone can do it!

Have you worked hard all of your life but now you want to retire from your job? Is it getting harder to stand on your feet or keep the long hours?

Starting an online business that you do from home and set your hours is the answer. What else can you do to make the money you do now or a lot more.

Now I can’t say how much you will make because your success depends on your motivation and how hard you work. But I can tell you that the potential income is enough for you to retire and supplement all of your social security or replace it.

Or maybe you are years from retirement, and you have very little in your retirement fund. You, too, can begin an online business and work it while you keep your full-time job. With the extra cash, you can put money away for retirement.

My #1 Recommendation For Building An Online Business

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The Laura MethodAn In-Depth, Step-By-Step Masterclass
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Do you struggle with learning how to start an online business?

6 thoughts on “What Is The Best Retirement Fund And A Safe Investment?”

  1. It’s rather a pleasant surprise reading your post here or blog whatever. Indeed there are retirement plans for companies401K and non-profit companies 403B  and the companies who do not both of these the Individual Retirement Acc or IRA. Of course the most common the social security. However, what jolted me out of my seat is the Wealthy Affiliate online business. Indeed to do the wealthy affiliate is the best alternative against all the traditional retirement plans there are in the outside world. Billy Gates said ‘if your business is not on the internet your business will soon be out of business.’ How prophetic he was. Even our retirement plan has got a real twist, we became empowered of our future with solid confidence because it is up in our hands, not any ones’  Thank you for this enlightening blog.

    • There are so many ways to save for retirement but there isn’t enough money coming in to put away. We have to empower ourselves to be responsible and find a way to bring in more money. Long after Social security and completed work days it will ultimately be up to us to find a way. WA offers a way to fulfill our dreams of retirement. 

  2. Thanks for this informative post,  having a retirement fund is important but I think I like the sound of a lifetime investment which you have introduced in this article, wealthy affiliate does fit to this achievement and I can say that for sure because I’m now a premium member and it comes with a lot of benefits and promises to be awesome. 

    • You are welcome. Every business puts out what we put in but isn’t it incredible to have a way to improve our lives. Especially after we retire and have so many things we want to do?

  3. Great article. I am 29 but it helps to get me thinking about things that will come up in the future. I hope I make enough money in the next 20 or 30 years to have me set for life for the most part. I am doing Wealthy affiliate now. Like you were saying, minimum wage jobs might never be enough. I bought the premium membership and got a lot of value from it so far. But results may vary because each person is different. 

    I hope I don’t have to worry about a retirement fund. I just want to have so much money that it doesn’t matter! 

    Thanks again for the article. Take care.

    • Charles, At the young age of 29 is when to start thinking about retirement. I am so happy you are a member of WA. Keep going and be persistent and you will have a great retirement. Affiliate Marketing is only going to grow from here. 


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