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AWeber Review – Is It The Best Autoresponder For Beginners?

“Email is not dead.” Now, how many times have I heard that phrase? More than I can count because there was a time when email marketing paralyzed me. The fear of messing it up and saying the wrong things stopped me from capturing emails. But today, I will do an Aweber review which is my favorite autoresponder. 

Once I found AWeber, I overcame my fear, and I also believe that email marketing is here to stay. Did you know that every individual email you collect on your subscriber list is worth $6 – $10 in revenue. I will have to tell this story another time so without further delay, let’s see if AWeber is a good autoresponder for you, the beginner. Does it have the email marketing tools a beginner needs?

Aweber History Of AWeber Review

AWeber was founded in 2004 and acquired by Yahoo in 2007. The company was formerly known as GetResponse and changed its name after being acquired by Yahoo. In addition, AWeber’s success as an autoresponder service is its ability to provide a simple, easy-to-use interface for sending out email messages.

Aweber is a remote team that works from home 100% of the time. Not to mention, their mission statement is all about helping small businesses succeed.

In addition, they have certainly kept up with the times with the new features they roll out regularly.

AWeber Review – Is It Right For Beginners? 

Does Aweber have a good reputation with beginners, and is it a good place to start an email marketing campaign? I know it has been a lifesaver for me and one of the easiest to use for my online business. 

If you are looking for a way to get started with email marketing, then AWeber might be the perfect fit for your needs. It is very beginner-friendly and offers many features even on the free plan.

You don’t need experience or technical knowledge to set up your account. With the free plan, a beginner can get their email marketing campaign off the ground and upgrade at a later date when necessary.

Overview Of Top Features 

Several top features make AWeber stand out among other email services, and many of these are basic features. These include:

  • Free Starter – AWeber offers a free starter membership with many options for an email builder. 
  • Auto Responders – Create automated responses to people who opt into your list.
  • List Segmentation – Segment your list based on interests and demographics. In other words, you can separate your emails to go out to different groups depending on their interests.
  • Email Templates – Customize your templates using HTML code or use anyone of the 700 templates provided for your email designs.
  • Reports – View reports on everything from open rates to unsubscribes, allowing for a stronger segmentation. In addition, with Advanced Reporting, you can view detailed information about your subscribers, including demographics, interests, behavior, and more.
  • Bulk Sends – Schedule bulk sends to your entire list at once.
  • Analytics – Track opens, clicks, bounces, etc.
  • Social Media Integration – Integrate social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter into your email campaigns, not to mention you can integrate with over 750 others apps.
  • Landing page template – Use any of the templates as landing page builders with the design already created for you.
  • Easy Setup – As a first-time user, set up your account within minutes.
  • Customizable Design – Change colors and fonts to match your brand.
  • Built-In Sign-up Forms – Embed forms anywhere you like.
  • Drag & Drop Editor – Edit your emails using a simple drag and drop technology.
  • Scheduling – Schedule when your emails go out to all or groups of subscribers.
  • Import/Export – Import your data from other email providers and export it back to those platforms.
  • Customer Service – They have 24/7 customer support in many forms.

Other Popular Features

Aside from these top features, many additional features are available in Aweber. Some of them include:

The Laura Method

  • Text Replacement – Replace text in your emails with images, videos, links, etc. Also, insert an image into an email by uploading one to your site and uploading multiple files at once.
  • Image Optimization – Optimize your images, so they load faster.
  • Video Embed – Embed video content directly into your emails. No special software or plugins are required. In addition, set up automatic playlists for your videos. Pause the playback of your videos as well as embedded in both HTML and plain text formats.
  • Clickable Images – Make your images clickable so that when someone clicks on them, they will go to a page where they can download a file while the image remains intact.

Pricing Plan And What It Includes

Let’s break these features down to know what comes with the free plan and what is in the premium plan.

AWeber offers two different plans; free and premium or paid plans. Both include all the basic tools needed to build an effective email list. However, if you want more advanced features like advanced Segmentation, dynamic Content, and advanced automation, you’ll have to upgrade to the premium version.

Free Plan Features For Our AWeber Review

The free plan includes all you need to create and send automated emails, which consists of the following:

  • Email List Builder – Create lists based on interests, demographics, location, etc. Point often overlooked, relating to your target audience is the key to retention.
  • Autoresponders – Send emails at specific intervals (daily, weekly, monthly)
  • Landing Pages – Build landing pages for your website and track conversions. A nice feature if you don’t have a page builder on your website.
  • Reports – View reports showing what worked and what didn’t, also known as split testing.
  • Analytics – See where people opened your email, clicked links, and what they did once they got to your site. Even on the free version, these analytics are helpful.

Paid Plan Features For Our AWeber Review

The premium plan includes additional features such as:

  • Advanced features such as Segmentation and automation – 
    Segmentation – target specific groups of subscribers based on interest, behavior, etc.
    Automation – set up multiple sequences of actions to perform automatically.
  • Dynamic Content – add custom HTML code to your emails – a must-have for the advanced designer in anyone.
  • Advanced Analytics – message, audience, and tracking information. Take analytics to a whole new level.
  • Split testing – compare different emails, landing pages, and forms to see which one works best.
  • Tracking Facebook pixel – track Facebook ads and conversions, learn where to make money from ads and where to remarket your audience who took action on your website
  • Ability to remove AWeber branding – Take the name AWeber off the bottom of your email

The premium plan is billable monthly, quarterly and yearly. Even with the premium paid version, the pricing is reasonable with all the extra features at your disposal. 

  • $19.99 monthly
  • $49 quarterly (every 3 months) an 18.6% discount
  • $193.80 annual plans – a 19.2% discount

AWeber Customer Support

Aweber customer service received the Silver Stevie Award in 2021. I have personally required the assistance of AWeber support on more than one occasion, and in my opinion, their quick response time and helpfulness are 5 stars.

With live chat, which is a real person, I have had a response time of seconds or only a few minutes. 

They provide extensive support options such as a phone number to speak with a person and the availability of extensive tutorials and forums. 

What Is Inside Some Of The Prominent Key Features Of Our AWeber Review?

I want to have a look-see inside just 5 of Aweber’s more prominent features. It will offer much-needed information for you to make a good, sound, informed decision. 

Create An Email Campaign

There are 4 different templates to choose from when creating an email, as seen in the image below. I love the drag and drop editor because it is so easy to use. From there, you can design your email from the selection in the left column, like in the image below. 

aweber review create email


Aweber has over 700 templates to create an email message, campaign, or broadcast. I mean 700???? Now, who says their template selection is limited? Just choose one and have it ready to go in minutes. Now that is incredible!

aweber review templates

Third-Party Apps Integrations

You can integrate AWeber with almost any third-party application or software, which allows you to automate tasks and save time. AWeber has the availability to integrate with 757 areas, including Google Analytics. The screenshot below is just 10. 

aweber review integrations

Landing Pages

Aweber offers 20 templates to create a stunning landing page, all on the free plan. In addition, you can see there are amazing videos and tutorials to get started in the image below. 

aweber review landing pages


aweber review analytics

It is always wise business to know how your audience responds to your emails. With this in mind, inside AWeber, you have the option to look at all of the demographics and set up email split testing. See the image here. 

NOTE: I am using the premium version for this screenshot. 

Is AWeber Good For Beginners?

Yes! I’ve used AWeber for years now, and it has helped grow my business significantly. They have a great customer support team that can help you every step of the way; in addition, the support team is available 24/7 and includes a live chat for assistance. 

The free plan may be a perfect option for any beginner because it offers plenty of features when starting a new online business.

Trustpilot AWeber Review

Trustpilot reviews are a huge plus when checking to see if a company follows through. With this in mind, out of 73 reviews, AWeber has an approval rating score of 4.6 out of 5. See just 2 of these below.

aweber review 1
aweber review 2

Benefits And Drawbacks

Everything in life has the good and the bad, however, I have to be honest with you, I could not find much bad with AWeber.


  • Ease of use is nice, with excellent tutorials to walk you through
  • Great award-winning customer service
  • Really good selection of templates
  • A relatively new free plan is helpful
  • Beautiful drag and drop landing pages
  • It has mobile-responsive email templates with a good amount of editing options.
  • Allows multiple lists


  • The free plan only allows 500 subscribers
  • No mobile app
  • I had to dig deep to come up with some drawbacks

Conclusion To Our AWeber Review

aweber review pin

I think AWeber is great for beginners since it provides many features without having to pay extra. However, if you are already familiar with email marketing; then, you may find some of these features unnecessary.

Moreover, if you’re just getting into email marketing, this could be a good option.

The Bottom Line.

Overall, I would recommend AWeber to anyone interested in starting an email marketing campaign. Their pricing is reasonable, and their customer support is top-notch. Not to mention, the free plan has everything one needs as a beginner. 

I was so excited when AWeber came out with the free plan. But remember, when you get more than 500 subscribers or send out more than 3000 emails a month, it will be necessary to upgrade. But when you have that many emails, you will be bringing in some cash. In the beginning, AWeber can serve you, the beginner, well. 

The Laura Method

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