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Aurora – $400 To A $1000 A Day – They Scammed My Friend?

Aurora is a 2 part program that helps you sell high ticket products from ClickBank and other affiliate marketing platforms. It is a done for you system that operates on autopilot. 

Right from the get-go, I see some troublesome statements that send up the red flag.

Also, I want to tell you what happened to a good friend of mine when he purchased this program. He did everything it told him to do. He made NO money, and when he requested his money back, Aurora did not respond.

He did finally get his money back after he threatened Aurora.

He talked to his credit card company and had to permit them to file fraud charges against Aurora. He tried one last time to contact Aurora with the information from his credit card company regarding fraud charges.

Imaging what happened then? Aurora responded, and he received a refund.  

Today let’s take a closer look into the Aurora program. We will explore;

  1. What I Found In The Videos Produced By Aurora Members.
  2. What Is Aurora?
  3. Aurora Pricing.
  4. Money-Back Guarantee (Don’t Count On It!)
  5. My Recommendations.
  6. Red Flags.
  7. My #1 Recommendation


Program name: Aurora

Founder: Jono Armstrong

Price: as high as $27.97 plus $558 in upsells.

The Laura Method

Recommended: NO   SCAM: YES

What I Found In The Videos Produced By Aurora Members

the program aurora and it's target ig and pinterest

Aurora’s promotion is different than other similar programs. I have found very few written reviews on this product. 

I want to be honest with you and let you know this is one of the very few products I did not purchase before I reviewed it. 

My friend did purchase it. It turned out to be a nightmare situation for him. 

I did watch every promotional video on youtube presented by members of Aurora. 

Each video is a bit different offering different bonuses and ways to sign up.

I noticed a strange resemblance between the video.

Each person says that Aurora has two things missing and each person says they fixed it and are offering you their bonus with the fixes. 

Aurora is a bit different than most scams. When I attempted to see what red flags were in place, they were harder to pick up on. 

What Is Aurora?

Aurora is a “done for you” system where you pilfer followers off of other people on IG an Pinterest. 

You use someone else’s hard work to make money for yourself. 

Aurora promotes high ticket programs to make a buck. 

Let me explain this further. For example, you go to Clickbank, and you look for the product that cost the most and pays the highest commission. 

It doesn’t matter if the program is a scam or not. You don’t look for what the program offers. Instead, you look at what you will make. Then you take information from the Clickbank JV page and use it in your promotion. 

And as with most scams, the person who created Aurora gets rich because you are promoting them, but you get poor because the system does not work. 

Aurora is a 2 part software targeted at Pinterest and Instagram. You are instructed to find people with a lot of followers in an online marketing niche and use the software to follow their followers.

Then you set up a webpage with the high ticket program on it. Create a video, and Aurora will drive traffic to your promotion. 

You are supposed to filter all sales through your Aurora account so you can make 100% commission. 

Everything is on autopilot. Once it is all set up, you don’t have to do anything. 

The whole point is you use posts and followers from another person’s account. You then send them your information and sell them high ticket products. 

You would not gain respect or exhibit integrity because it is all about you and not what you can do to help someone else.

You are even told to set up new accounts because if IG and Pinterest catch you, they may delete your account. If they delete your new accounts, it will not be as big of a loss as your personal account.

You don’t want to use personal page in IG and Pinterest because you may get shut down. So you create new pages for each promotional program.

Aurora Pricing

price list of aurora program to join

Money-Back Guarantee (Don’t Count On It!)

I include the money-back guarantee because my friend tried for a solid month or more to get his money back. He had to resort to threats of fraud charges before anyone would answer his emails and return his money. 

money back guarantee

My Recommendations

I do not doubt that this is a scam, and you will not make money. Jono Armstrong, the creator of this program, will make a profit, but you will not.

Thumbs Down

The red flags are all over this program. Please see the list below. They are a bit subtle, but the issues are some of the biggies associated with scams. 

Red Flags

  1. Complete done-for-you system
  2. Completely automated. The system does it for you.
  3. You use followers of IG and Pinterest that are following others. 
  4. You are told to set up separate accounts and not to use your own.
  5. Very difficult to get anyone to stand behind their money-back guarantee. 
  6. Claim to make $1000 a day.

I do believe this product is a scam. What do you think? All of the red flags are in place. I can see how some would fall for it. There are no real reviews on the program. 

If it weren’t for my friend getting scammed and having a testimony that the system does not work I am not sure I would have called it a scam. I write reviews every day, but this one may have fooled me. 

The Laura Method

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6 thoughts on “Aurora – $400 To A $1000 A Day – They Scammed My Friend?”

  1. Joining fee is not that much but the upsells are just annoying. It also sounds unethical to prey on someone’s Instagram just to get the traffic. And the guts to tell you to set up different accounts?

     I also do not like the done-for-you systems. I do not believe in setting up a business then do just nothing. That is the most RED FLAG that can be noticed.

    The  ‘Money-Back Guarantee is one bait that Aurora has used to bait people. Thank you for this comprehensive review.We now know where not to put our money and where not to waste time.

    • Yes, the “done for you” statement is a red flag in any program. No one can do it all for us. We have to work for the results we want. 

      I don’t like upsells either. Sometimes they are OK but not in this case. 

  2. Great review Laura,

    I was initially reluctant to believe that there are companies as unethical as Aurora but after being in the exact same situation with a similar program called Autopilot Blueprint and a few more programs with them not replying me at all, I wasted money just like that so you can imagine how grateful I am that there are people like you who expose these scammers for what they truly are. 

    I’m glad your friend managed to get that refund from Aurora, in many other cases we don’t get that lucky enough to get our money back :/

    • Oh yes, there are so many scams out there today. We have to be so careful. I too am happy my friend got his money back. It doesn’t happen often. Be safe and watch for those who want to scam you. 

  3. Reviews are the best way to lead to your affiliate representation of your product. Way to go on the delivery. This is a well balanced review. I like the red flag warnings! It gives an opposing opinion most can get behind without looking like your selling at all. I use this exact program and found it a waste as well. Thank you for the post. 

    • It sounds like you write reviews also. It is an honor to have your endorsement on my product review. I am sorry to hear you were scammed by Aurora also. They are convincing. 


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