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Atlantis Review: The Return of Easy Money Or A Scam?

Remember that big Eminem song in the late 2000s….” Guess who’s back, back again”…? Our case is slightly different than Marshal Mathers but still an apt comparison.  The Digital Dames returned from way back in June of 2021 with a new MMO Atlantis, which we will do an Atlantis review here today.

Yes, a blurry and distant 90 days ago, Xena was launched to enable you to start stacking at least a few hundred a day for a solid half hour’s work. 

Dig down and grab your work gloves because you’re about to pound out another grueling 30 minutes and be burdened with holding these heavy bags of cash coming your way!  Yes, “Shady’s back. Back again.” Without further delay, let’s take a look. 

We will cover:

  • Who are the Digital Dames?
  • What is Atlantis?
  • Atlantis Review
  • Is Atlantis A Scam?
  • My recommendations regarding Atlantis
  • My 4-Step Blueprint


Program Name: Atlantis

Founder: Digital Dames

Price:  $17 with upgrades to a total of $1375

Who Are The Digital Dames

The “Digital Dames” are three women named Nanda, Kafayat, and Paula-Maree. They live in Durham, London, and New Zealand.

Nanda Brougham- Nanda has a Facebook page with two photos and no information on the about page, in addition, her YouTube channel that has no information on the about section. Her YouTube Channel Art does say she is “Navigating through the online marketing world.” The sales page states that Nanda worked 12 hour days and weekends and often came home crying in frustration before their new launches.

Kafayat Obanigba- Kafayat also has a Facebook page. Her about page states, “Online Marketer at Internet Marketer From London” She has a lot of information on their last launch, “Cleopatra;” in a like manner, the sales page states that Kafayat worked internationally to make a living before their new launches.

Paula-Maree Roberts- Paula-Maree also has a Facebook page and a YouTube Channel. She has had her YouTube Channel since 2014 and is the most transparent of the three Digital Dames. The sales page states that Paura-Maree worked 70 hours a week and was never home with her family before their new launches.

All three women appear to have worked at digital marketing and affiliate marketing for a few years. With this in mind, they probably are knowledgeable in their field. They have had two previous launches on JVZoo, Cleopatra and Zenobia, at this time, we can add Xena to the delightful dairy of cash cows brought to you by The Digital Dames. 

atlantis review2 logo

What Is Atlantis?

Historically, Atlantis is a mythical city swallowed by the sea. 

But, is this Atlantis a myth or real? 

According to the sales page’s generous amount of seafaring puns, The Digital Dames found a way “to use a website’s algorithm to generate traffic, without having to wait for it to go viral.”

Atlantis “uses a weird algorithmic” “quirk” to generate free traffic. They say it is the best free targeted traffic there is, by the same token, they to say the traffic came from the blue ocean with unknown possibilities.

Ah yes, the Shakespeare of MMOs, these Digital Dames have summoned their genius to debut, Atlantis “The World’s First “Ripple Effect” Software.” 

Atlantis Review

As I’m sure their description is 100% accurate, you will go from launching Atlantis to swimming in cash to the tune of $447 per sale in a half-hour. Just create your site, plug in your affiliate link and let the internet deliver you a “Pirate’s booty”…sorry, somehow, The Digital Dames missed that gold nugget, and I couldn’t resist. 

passive income 516

As was the Xena sales page, The Atlantis sales page is good, because, whoever wrote the copy did an excellent job. But it states the same thing over and over and never says what the traffic is.

When you are looking at a sales page, most of it says what you want to hear. They frequently leave out the details and need to pay extra money for some of the services included in the copy. For this very reason, I will go into detail in my Atlantis review.

Let’s get more specific about what Atlantis offers and the upgrades necessary to get everything Atlantis promises.

According to the Atlantis description, 

“Atlantis is an all-in-one turnkey solution with cutting-edge software to generate a “ripple” of free, targeted traffic.”

Their app will give you campaigns and a dashboard to guarantee you make money in 30 min.

Atlantis Basic app is $17– You will receive a “business in a box” with everything you need to jumpstart a new business, at the same time it isn’t clear what else you get with the basic program. Remember, when you look at the sales page, it talks of many different things you can do with this app, but you will need to purchase the upgrades to get the full benefits of the Atlantis app.


Upgrade 1 $37 – Poseidon – Unlock The Unlimited Traffic Generator

  • An advanced edition with 100x the profit
  • Ulimited buyer traffic
  • Add a second software for a power up
  • All sales are on autopilot

Upgrade 2 $997 – Asgard – Beta Test Entry

  • Complete package to help you get ales on your first launch
  • Special push but Digital Dames to make $20K
  • Secret sauce to of formulas and templates
  • Access to Paula-Maree and Nanda and a video

Upgrade 3 $37 – The Seven Seas – Income Multiplier 

  • So little information but I think this one is maybe flyers to help you sell?

Upgrade 4 $67 – The Trident – Advanced Strategies 

  • Make sales in minutes with 10X the traffic

Upgrade 5 $97 Neptune – Access Our $1,000 Dollar Days

  • $1000 paydays
  • 4 figure paydays
  • Video training
  • Copy and paste campaigns
  • DFY funnels, webinars, email series

Upgrade 6 $67 – Atlantis Reseller Rights

  • Ability to sell Atlantis and make 100%
  • Use Atlantis materials to sell it
  • $447 for referrals
  • No work require
  • Atlantis team does all sales support

Upgrade 7 $47 – The Accidental Income Generator 

  • Upgrade for $47 for a missing piece and they don’t even tell you what it is.

Wait there’s more!

Add-on $9.97 “Rapid Cash Generator.”

You get to add something, who knows what, to increase your cash by 10X to make $1k in 24 hours.


  • Digital Dames have been in marketing for a few years
  • The copy of their sales page is excellent.
  • The basic price is only $17


  • Atlantis has many upgrades that are basically the same only with different words to describe them.
  • The sales page eludes that you will get all the upgrade features included in the basic price, which is not true when you look at the upgrades.
  • The term DFY is used repeatedly which is always a concern for me
  • Atlantis drip feeds you a new upgrade that is no different from the last
  • DFY programs are not a fit-all situation, because you have to brand yourself with your niche.
  • Digital Dames use their female side to gain your trust, which is a business model, but it loses my trust.
  • You have to upgrade to get the training videos.
  • There are many Red Flag words on the sales page, such as: exploit loopholes, siphon, turnkey, double up, superchage and many more
  • There are pictures of incomes earned but no statement of finance; in other words, there are no names of people who earned this money.

Is Atlantis A Scam?

I am going to have to say, YES, this is a scam. While it could be borderline, I am going to cross the line and call it a scam. A scam is a fraudulent offer, and while Atlantis does offer information and an app, they are unclear what you are getting. I wonder if you will pay all this money only to find out the entire app is one small piece of the puzzle; not to mention, you probably won’t have all the pieces to complete it.

My Recommendations Regarding Atlantis

I DO NOT RECOMMEND anyone purchase Atlantis. While the app may have some benefits, I do not believe that free traffic is ever a good thing, because Google frowns on free generated traffic.

I can not say for sure what this app will do for you. You get free traffic but for what? Is it traffic you can apply to your website, or is it traffic that you can only use to promote the high ticket products they suggest?

The sales page talks about what you don’t need and very little about what Atlantis can do for you, which is a huge Red Flag for me.

pin Atlantis Review The Return of Easy Money Or A Scam?

They state that affiliate marketing is hard. It is a job just like any job you go to every day. It is a business just like any business you own. You can not start anything on autopilot. You have to build it and contribute to your business, and then you can put it on autopilot.

Let me end with a question: If they just launched Xena ninety days ago, why is Atlantis necessary? If Xena software was everything they said it was, then it’s still dumping cash on you daily. So what is the purpose of Atlantis? And if it was that easy, why would they ever share it? I know because they want to empower us. Yes, it’s clear Eminem, and I share the same opinion: “Shady’s back.”

But if you do seek actual empowerment, the kind that leads to financial independence but does require more than a half-hour, then maybe you can benefit from:

The Laura Method

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Do you struggle with learning how to start an online business?

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