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Ariix MLM Review – New Age Products With The Same MLM Game

Multi-level marketing (MLM) companies often promise financial freedom and wealth but rarely deliver. Perhaps Ariix is the exception as it has many unique features. In this Ariix MLM review, I will help you evaluate the pros and cons of joining Ariix as a Brand Partner.

Will this MLM opportunity help you exceed your financial goals and finally live the life you’ve always wanted?

In this review, I cover basic information regarding the ownership, history, and products of Ariix.

More importantly, I provide an in-depth analysis of the compensation plan. You may recall, in the classic film Jerry McGuire, actor Tom Cruise yells, “Show me the money.” That’s exactly what I’m here to do!

Cost To Start$29
Training IncludedNo
Trustpilot Rating2.8/5
My Overall Rating2/5
What Is BetterThe Laura Method (Affiliate Marketing)

Who Is Ariix?

Ariix is a Utah corporation founded in 2011 by Deanna Latson, Mark Wilson, Dr. Fred W. Cooper, Jeff Yates, and Riley Timmer. Most of the founders previously held executive positions with Usana Health Sciences. Ariix operates in over 20 countries.

Ariix stood independently for many years but recently merged with New Age, primarily known as a beverage company. The Ariix umbrella contains many brands, with this in mind, it does not create brands but, instead, acquires them.

These products reach the marketplace through independent distributors known as Brand Partners. For the most part, Ariix promotes this as a real partnership offering life-changing income opportunities.

What Is MLM (Multilevel Marketing)?

An MLM, or Multilevel Marketing company, is a type of business that relies on its sales force to recruit additional salespeople below them, thus creating a “downline.” These salespeople then receive commissions on their own sales, as well as the sales of people they’ve recruited into the MLM.

While some people view MLMs as pyramid schemes or get-rich-quick opportunities that make up for their low pay with quick money from one’s own downline, others use MLMs to make an active income.

While others work hard at their MLM business and never break even, so to be on the safe side, it’s important to do your research before deciding whether or not an MLM is right for you.

ariix mlm review products

What Products Does Ariix Offer?

Ariix primarily offers health, nutrition, skincare, and weight management lifestyle products. Some of their brands include:

  • Nutrifii
  • Slenderiiz
  • Puritii
  • Reviive
  • Priime
  • Limu
  • Lucim
  • Mavie
  • Zennoa

Ariix MLM Review

Ariix is currently rated A+ by The Better Business Bureau. But please remember these are customer service reviews, not members of the MLM program. The products may be incredible, but the model Ariix chose to sell the products will make the company money but will it make you money?

Equally important, all Ariix board executive members have strong medical, chemical, and health administration backgrounds, which say a lot for the companies integrity.

As we will see in the following information, a Brand Partner has to purchase $150 in products per month to make commissions. While it is only $29 to join the program, it will cost up to $3913 a year to maintain your eligibility to earn a commission.

On a positive note, the average monthly commission company-wide is $275; be that as it may, that’s $3300 a year. In reality, the cost per year for a Brand Partner is as high as $3913 and up, which means one will be losing $613 a year. Needless to say, this is not a good business model.

Interestingly, Ariix patented their compensation plan yet; at the same time, the results remain the same as any other MLM compensation plan.

How Can You Become An Ariix Brand Partner?

Becoming a Brand Partner with Ariix is not only somewhat complicated but is a steep investment, but; to put it differently, you can join under someone who invited you or go to the website and join.

Price To Join

To start, there’s a $29 setup fee which is due again each year on your joining anniversary.

Next, you will choose an Enrollment Package. The more expensive the package, the larger commissions you earn. It’s basically buying up.

Package levels include:

  • Activated $335
  • Business $748 +
  • Elite $1435 +
  • Ultimate $2084

Once you establish your level, your baseline for compensation is in place.

A one-day training course online is required; although this may be true, many indicate it has an associated fee, but I’m unable to find the cost.

In addition, you can pay an additional $150 to permanently double bonuses and receive a 15% discount on all products. Who wouldn’t do that?

Commissions begin when you’ve achieved four consecutive weeks of sales at your buy-in volume.

Brand Partners must maintain a minimum of $150 per month (or more, based on your level) in product orders.

Recruiting other Brand Partners into your Downline Matrix is essential to success. The information says you could make at least $13,000 a month with 84 recruits; with that in mind, do you know how challenging it is to manage 84 salespeople and make certain they all reach their minimum goals? Like herding cats, blindfolded.

The percentage of people who make high-level income appears to be a whopping 1.93%; generally speaking, it doesn’t look like good odds to me.

Ariix Compensation Plan

The Ariix compensation plan is so complex that I cannot explain it in a reasonable amount of words. Even if I employed an unreasonable amount of words, I’m still not certain I could do so. As such, I incorporated a video from an Ariix distributor for a deeper dive into the Ariix Compensation.

Granted, the more complex a plan is, the more ability the company has to pull you in. You won’t even know if you will make money or how much because one cannot understand the plan. You can watch the video and decide for yourself.

Video Of Ariix MLM The Compensation Plan

Pros And Cons

Ariix MLM has a few pros as well as cons. We will list a few pros on the positive side, and on the negative side, we’ll talk about some cons.


  • A+ Better Business Bureau for customer reviews
  • The executive group has a medical, chemical, and health administration background.
  • Listed in The Top 5000 Companies four consecutive years by INC. Magazine
  • Products are science-based
  • Product reviews by customers are very positive
  • Supplements are OTC Approved, meaning they have met the same strict requirements as Over-the-Counter medications.


  • Products Not FDA Approved
  • Very high cost to participate as a brand partner for the MLM
  • Required monthly order minimums to remain eligible for commissions in the MLM
  • The average monthly commission company-wide is $275 – that’s only $3300 a year minus expenses
  • Must meet recruitment /team production to remain eligible for commission – you could potentially make nothing if you don’t spend enough

Ariix Income Disclosure

ariix income 2
A very confusing income disclosure. But look at the average earnings for all 43,945 MLM participants. It is only an average yearly income of 2,025.62 minus expenses. Which means you make nothing! You will actually go in the hole.

As I have reviewed the Ariix MLM program, I discovered different income statements to give a clearer picture; in contrast, it is only more confusing.

Only 25% of MLM participants turn a profit. Please note that this says “turn a profit.” It does not say that 25% make money. After you take out expenses, very few make money. Ariix is no exception.

Is Ariix MLM A Scam?

While you may not earn top-tier income or, equally important, lose money, Ariix is not a scam by legal definition. However, based on hefty expenses that are mandatory, high-level production is necessary.

Is Ariix MLM A Pyramid Scheme?

To answer this, I have to go off the definition of a pyramid scheme; with this in mind, I have to say that Ariix is not a pyramid scheme. Be as it may, it more closely resembles one than any other MLM company in business today.

Video Overview Of Ariix MLM Review

The Problem With MLM Companies In General

According to an FTC Government file, an MLM operation does not have a clearly defined definition. It calls MLM’s a” product-based pyramid scheme and compares it to an illegal chain letter. You know the letters you receive in the mail, it says to put a dollar in an envelope with a copy of the letter and send one to 10 people. Then if you do this, you will make a ridiculous amount of money.

The FTC Government document also states that MLM “is inherently flawed, unfair, and deceptive.”

My Recommendation for Ariix MLM

To me, the ratio of hours to compensation amount does not align for success, not to mention, it rewards those in the top 20% while making it very difficult to bank life-changing income for the 80% below.

Ariix MLM review pin

Not having FDA approval is also a challenge; as an illustration, it has a second-tier product lineup at a top-tier price point.

MLMs have repeatedly proven that they rarely deliver for distributors. You invest a large amount, reach minimal success, and cabinets overflow with a lifetime supply of products; with this in mind, remember there are many other opportunities with a great return on investment that truly deliver financial freedom.

Therefore, I cannot recommend the Brand Partner role with Ariix.

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