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Angels And Entrepreneurs Review-Is It For You Or A Scam?

Hello, I am Laura, just an everyday average affiliate marketer. I am here today to talk to all of the ordinary investors like myself. I think I have read every Angels and Entrepreneurs review, which leaves me with some concerns for everyone who is not a top investor for startup businesses.

Neil Patel is the founder of Angels and Entrepreneurs, along with Robert Herjavec, which may be his top investment backer and co-founder. They launched Angels and Entrepreneurs in June of 2019.

I have high respect for Neil. His training and teachings reach every affiliate marketer as they progress toward success. I have watched and recommended many of his videos and blog posts over the past couple of years.

Neil Patel is nothing short of a genius. He is a New York Times bestselling author, a successive entrepreneur, and well known for his business involving angel investors.

Angels And Entrepreneurs review angel man

Understanding Angel Investors

Neil’s company is named Angels and Entrepreneurs; I assume this because he targets the angel investor versus the Venture Capital investor.

A Venture investor puts an investment into a startup company in the very beginning and usually targets high-growth industries. They provide advice and connect with the entrepreneur to help the business succeed. Most startup businesses fail, and if it does become a profitable business, it may take up to 10 years to see a yield.

An angel investor also invests in the early stages of a business startup. But Angels want to invest in companies that are fast developers and produce revenue quickly. They are betting that a startup will reach at least 50 million dollars within three years. Seasoned angel investors have the experience, but the  Title III JOBS Act now, allows everyday individuals to invest also, which is why I am concerned for small-time investors looking to make it big with Angels And Entrepreneurs.

Here are some statements I have read that support my concerns.

  1. Average investors can become multimillionaires with Angel investing.
  2. One of the greatest wealth producers of our time is Angel investing.
  3. Don’t wait around; get in on the ground floor of startup companies.
  4. Neil Patel developed  Angels & Entrepreneurs to help average folks get details about the best companies to invest.

Do you see a trend here? Angels and Entrepreneurs are a company started by a genius to help angel investors. The Title III JOBS Act put a dent in his plans, so he is now offering this opportunity to average investors. Or he may have started his business knowing this and decided to offer to small investors so he can also provide to the seasoned angel investors. These are my speculation,s not a fact.

Neil Patel With Angels And Entrepreneurs

neil with A&E

Here you see a screenshot of Neil on his website homepage promoting Angels And Entrepreneurs. Again he talks of everyone having an equal playing ground. But he didn’t say how much you need to invest. First, let’s look at the cost of joining Neil.

The Laura Method

Cost To Join

  • Gold $39
  • Diamond $79
  • Platinum $129
  • VIP – Private Deals for members $2500.

When you go into the site to join, you are hit with these upsells. Again the price is not too bad, but these are to join the Angels And Entrepreneurs program and not the investments you will make once you learn all Neil has to offer.


The next tab on his site is the “Deal” tab. Here you will see all of the startup businesses Neil has provided for you to invest in as an angel investor for Angels And Entrepreneurs. The deals include 49 companies you can invest your money. I bet this is not all of them, but you do get to take a preview look at the companies Neil has added for you.

Groups, Events, Media Room, and Network

These tabs are locked unless you are a member of Angels And Entrepreneurs. But it is an area where you can connect with other members and find events and groups to communicate with and grow.

What Do Angels and Entrepreneurs offer you?

Neil has set Angels And Entrepreneurs, so it is affordable to step inside. He does give a good sales pitch about how much you will save. I do understand this process because it is a way to sell a product. With as much work as he has put into the business to design it, the cost he is giving you probably is a good saving.

Angels And Entrepreneurs review angel and devil fighting over money cartoon

Basically, Neil is offering you a way to make it big. I see nothing wrong with Angels And Entrepreneurs and how he designed it. That is not the issue that concerns me. I am worried about the one with no experience. The one who is struggling to make their mark in this world. The one who barely has the money to purchase the Platinum Package for $129 but does so anyway so they can make it big.

Yes, he does offer training for Angels And Entrepreneurs investing, and you can interview the new business founders. Still, even this is not enough without some experience in the market of angel investors.

Who Is Angels And Entrepreneurs For?

If you are the one who has just enough money to join Angels And Entrepreneurs, then this is not for you. And if you believe you can invest $50 in a company and make it to a millionaire, then you may be mistaken. It will only happen if you gambled well, which is a risk.

If your net worth is less than 1 million, then you are not a candidate for angels and entrepreneurs. And if you are a millionaire, you will need to make over $200 thousand a year to invest in new startup businesses. Even with that income, there is no guarantee that the company you invest in will make it. Most startup companies fail.

Angel investing can be addictive, just like gambling. You keep putting your money into a new business until you hit the jackpot. Hopefully, you will not run out of cash before your day arrives.

However, people in this world know exactly how to angel invest but maybe not as Angels And Entrepreneurs do it. They know how to teach a company to make it. They spend all of their time helping that company because they want success and a significant return on their investment.

Do you know enough to coach and train an entrepreneur on how to run their business? Some may, but they are the minority. My husband is good at investing, but does he know enough about making sure an entrepreneur does everything right so they all win? I strongly doubt it.


I want to say that Angels And Entrepreneurs is not a scam. It is a legit business that some can make money with, and some will make it big. Neil has offered an incredible opportunity here for those who have money and knowledge investing in startup businesses.

He does provide training for you to learn, but the ones who will make it already know how to angel invest. So remember that if you want to join and invest, it is a beautiful program, but only if you are already a millionaire.

I have reviewed many scams and often have comments from readers who gave their last dime and received nothing in return. Do not look at Angels And Entrepreneurs as a get-rich-quick deal. It is a long-term investment of large sums of money to win.


I have not given you a lot of information about Angels And Entrepreneurs. Why? Because I am here to save the beginning entrepreneur, small business person, or the person who lacks knowledge. Many reviews talk about how you can invest as little as $50 to make it big. That is misleading! You will need to invest $50 each in many different companies and hope that one of them will make it big, but there is no guarantee, and you can only hope you do not lose all of your money before you gain some back. Also, it takes years to have a return on your investments.

Are you familiar with “shiny object syndrome” (SOS)? It is what entrepreneurs do when they are in search of an easier road to success. It is just what it says; a person chases a shiny object as a child would do. You see something that puts a glimmer of hope in your eye, and you run after it. I feel like Neil’s opportunity may be just that for the new entrepreneur.

My recommendation is to work hard, be consistent, patient, and one day you will achieve success without falling for every program on the market. And when you become very successful, then you can join Neil in his journey toward success.

The Laura Method

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Do you struggle with learning how to start an online business?

14 thoughts on “Angels And Entrepreneurs Review-Is It For You Or A Scam?”

  1. Smart post, I joined Angels and Entrepreneur in 2019 for $39 thinking same thing becoming an angel investor but Neil Patels investing is 10,000 + investments and to get into his private deals is big bucks just to peek at his private deals. so i went online looked for startup platforms I found which takes little capital $250.00 to $1000.00 to invest into the company and get shares pennies on the dollar. I bought jet token for .30 a share and they have an app and website and a legit business and just got their ticker symbol for Nasdaq if they become an actual IPO the future will tell. There is another website site called which has startups that beginner investors can adventure with and maybe become profitable but do your due diligence before investing research the staff look for SEC filings, new patents, market cap, etc. just because a startup doesn’t mean there’s a demand. save some money do your own research that’s what you’re paying Neil Patel for when you can do the research on your own look for startup website sites or angel invest website there’s plenty to choose from. I even got Neil book hustler good book.

    • on Seedinvest RxNow just closed their deal 10.50 a share $1000.00 minimum they have a patent for autonomous medication dispensing they can fill prescription a lot faster than a pharmacist and take insurance, there growth in the last year has been over 200% I believe if I remember correctly, and they deliver prescriptions to your home. I believe RxNow will be a double unicorn in the future if not just a unicorn, so I know there are deals out there and Petel doesn’t isn’t the only one with the information. He has golden deals but costs that’s how he makes his money, and his deals are like $10,000 plus so there are ways to invest small amouts and reap rewards.

      • Robert, yes, there are investment opportunities, but again everyone should proceed with caution. As for Neil his program is for high dollar investors, and those who do not have a half million to invest and the ability to mentor new companies more than likely will not benefit from Angel investors.
        Thank you for your extensive comment.

    • Hi Robert, You have left some great information here. The 2 key takeaways from your excellent comment are:
      1. You started back in 2019, which is 3 years ago. Nothing is a get-rich-quick deal. Everything takes time to learn, grow and make money.
      2. Research, check it all out, and move with caution. There are so many scammers out there, and with the economy declining, the scams are on the rise. So always move forward with wisdom.
      And one extra bit of wisdom, never invest money you cannot afford to lose.
      Thank you

  2. Thanks for the straight talk remarks. When I watched the video or any of these videos with the long blah blah to get to the point, I smell a scam, specially coming from millionaires that want to make me a millionaire.

    • You are so welcome; I am happy I can help. It is so hard to spot all of the Red Flags when it is what we think of as a reputable person promoting a product. Becoming a millionaire is no easy task, and many will try to make all of us believe it is. Thanks for taking the time to comment. I appreciate you.

  3. I joined Angels & Entrepreneurs with $79.00. I took the Boot Camp classes. My questions is: For me to start investing in companies such as Guac, do I have to start paying more money now? I am not following the process correctly.

    • Oscar, I do not have an answer for you. I am so sorry. I reviewed the program but did not know the process of payments. I suggest you contact support for Angels and Entrepreneurs and ask these questions.

  4. Thank you for this information. I now know that even though I paid the $129, I am not a good candidate for this program. I will not go any further than this even though I know that a refund may be impossible.

    • Isaac, You are most welcome. Sounds like a good choice. I know I do not have the the kind of money needed to make it as an angel investor. But I am glad there are some who do. It can be a boost for new a business to have an investor.
      Do you have a desire to set up your own niche website business. has step-by-step training to help not to mention one-on-one coaching.
      All the best to you.

  5. Hello there, thanks for sharing this awesome article I know it would be of great help to the public as it has been of help to me.I have heard a lot about angels and entrepreneurs and i must say they are really good as i have a friend working with them and he has ben having a goodtime…i would definately reccommend them.

    • WOW! I do hope your friend has a lot of money. Because playing around with angel investing is dangerous if he doesn’t have at least a million dollars and make at least $200 a year. 

      Neil is incredible, but his business is not for the person looking to make a quick buck. Please read my recommendation for the average everyday person. It may help to keep you safe. Or maybe you are well off financially and would OK losing money as a risk to gain it. Just a thought. All the best to you. 

  6. Oh wow, Neil Patel put some serious prices for joining him. You said the prices are not bad, and what about $2500? Now what I realize is that as long as some program has 4 or more sales that means that the first the cheapest offer doesn’t gie much.

    Very well constructed upscale tactic. 

    Neil Patel seems familiar to me. Was he involved in some other affiliate program or something? 
    I am still glad to know that Angels and Entrepreneurs is not a scam and that it is good for those who know how to deal with the investment market. 

    Are you planning to get involved with them on a deeper level at some point?

    • You made a great point here with the upsells. Yes, $2500 is a lot of money. But the start-up fees are reasonable. The considerable upgrade is for the serious-minded angel investor; hence the very reason why I don’t think it is a good idea for someone to join that does not understand angel investing well. 

      Neil Patel is a genius and a serial entrepreneur and well known in the marketing world. 

      No way am I getting involved with Angels and Entrepreneurs. I know nothing about Angel investors, which is why I feel that others like myself may be taken in by the offer, not realizing that it is a very serious business and not a way to make a quick buck. 


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