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Affilorama Program By Mark Ling-Is It Still Good Today?

Is Affilorama still a good program today? There are so many affiliate marketing programs, but each is a bit different. Is Affilorama a program you may want to choose? Let’s find out!

Since 2006, the Affilorama program has empowered people with a chance to enter the affiliate marketing channel.

I will give you information about Affilorama so you can decide if this program may be a suitable way to learn affiliate marketing.

Affilorama Program-Is It Still Good Today?

Is Affilorama Still Good Today? Let’s look at the program and see if the information is still useful to create an affiliate marketing business.

I wrote this review 3 years ago; at that time, I gave this program a thumbs up. Recently I reexamined the information available, and my views have changed. Please see “my recommendations” for the changes I found.


Program name: Affilorama Program

Founded: 2006 Founders: Mark Ling

Price: A free entry-level then ranges from $197 with a $67 a month fee to $997 per pack. Recommended: Maybe, but let’s continue our review.

About The Founder Mark Ling

photo of mark ling

The Affilorama program is proudly owned and designed by Mark Ling. In addition, he built his first website in the 90s, where he started earning money online.

Mark had a high moment in his career but quickly rolled into by a low time; however, the low moment didn’t stop him. When he rose back up the ladder, he stepped away from his day job; as a result, he now offers Affilorama.

Today, he is a renowned digital marketer with years of experience in online business, which he shares with us through the development of the Affilorama program.

What Is Affiliate marketing?

In short, affiliate marketing is when a person or company promotes another product or service on its site. The person who owns the site will make money when someone clicks on an affiliate link and buys that product or service. An affiliate marketing business can create a passive income.

For example, if I write an article about how great your product is, and you have an affiliate link to it in my post, I get paid whenever anyone clicks on that affiliate link and makes a purchase.

Thousands of companies out there would love to have you promote their product. All online marketers need to find them and sign up to become an affiliate. 

Affilorama is a platform that promises to teach you affiliate marketing to operate an online business.

The advancement of modern technology has made affiliate marketing more accessible and readily available to the public; with this in mind, most people need a training program to become successful.

What Does Affilorama Offer?

“Learn how to make money online as an affiliate.”-Those are the exact words that greet you when you step inside the Affilorama platform.

When you enter the website, Affilorama begins with a questionnaire to determine if its affiliate marketing program is suitable for an internet marketer.

Mark says he designed Affilorama for everyone.

Well, everyone with an ambition to make more money with affiliate marketing. To put it differently, it is for everyone that would like to know ways in which they can thrive as an affiliate Marketer and avoid mistakes. As well as for those who want to learn affiliate marketing, it is also for newbies.

Affilorama Courses

Affilorama offers an array of courses and training programs. The first level is free, with upgrades after that.

Free training 

Affilorama Free Training

The basic level will teach the basics of affiliate marketing. You will learn everything from setting up an account, what makes a good affiliate campaign, how to choose products, and much more.

With the free lesson, you access over 100 videos and complete lessons on PPC, blogging, website building, email marketing, and other relevant information.

As a matter of fact, one of the attractions of Affilorama is the free option. Mark says you are just a click away from equipping yourself with money-making knowledge and all for free.

But as with any free program, there are upgrades. You may want to expand your education. Therefore, you can choose several packages that will take your business further.

The more advanced packages are AffiloJetpack, The Affillo blueprint, and AffiloTools.

  • AffiloBlueprint – is an upgraded version of the Affilorama Free Training, which includes all the features of the free package plus some additional ones. It has a membership area with comprehensive guides, tutorials, and reviews. The price tag is $197 and $67 per month.
  • AffilloJetPack – This is the ultimate package that gives you complete control over your campaigns. Not to mention, it has a dashboard to manage all your affiliates, track your performance, and even automate your work. This package does throw up some red flags with the statement that one can make “fail-proof money.” The cost is $997.
  • AffiloTools – is an online toolset for affiliate marketers to view and manage and monitor their website statistics. The price plan varies.

What About The Forum, Support, And Help?

Affilorama Forum – is a place where you can ask questions or seek answers. There is a community of affiliate marketers that share ideas and tips. Members can post comments and questions, and others can respond.

Affilorama Support: If you need assistance with anything related to Affilorama, then don’t hesitate to contact them via phone, live chat, or email.

Money-Back Guarantee

statement by affilorama of done for you

Affilorama offers a 60-day money-back guarantee. The guarantee states Mark Ling will give you a complete refund of your money with an additional $100 (we’re guessing for your time). You can receive a refund, provided you apply yourself and prove no income by the 60th day. In light of this, Mark appears to have a lot of faith in his program.

At the beginning of my review, I wondered if Affilorama was a legit company. They make statements like “money-making machines” and “it’s all done for you.” which, in most cases, are huge red flags. I believe Affilorama is a reputable affiliate marketing company in light of my research. But I did update this review and placed it at the top in a green box. 


  • Free entry level
  • Free access to forums with over 300,000 affiliate marketers from whom you get experience knowledge.
  • It is straightforward to navigate the website and follow the training program.
  • They offer an excellent 60-days payback guarantee.
  • The help and support center in forums and email are helpful and responsive.
  • You have access to free videos and complete lessons on affiliate marketing.


  • The free program is quite basic; you have to subscribe to the advanced programs to get more information.
  • The premium programs are pretty expensive.
  • The entire program is outdated.

Has Mark Abandoned Affilorama?

Now, this is a million-dollar question. I can’t say it is a case of abandonment; something isn’t right because the training and platform are highly outdated.

Back in 2006, Mark had a good idea, but as of 2022, there are better options available.

My Recommendations For Affilorama

I wrote this review 3 years ago; at that time, I gave this program a thumbs up. Recently I reexamined the information available, and my views have changed. 

affilorama pin 1

Affilorama is a legit program, but it may not be the best way to learn affiliate marketing. I can’t endorse the program because the material from Affilorama is very outdated.

Everything has good and bad points, and Affilorama was a good program in its prime; in light of my new findings, I have to say this is no longer true.

As for the price range, any training program you choose will have its own price tag; however, with outdated information, I would not recommend paying for any upgrades.

Final Thoughts

With the information I have provided, one may want to join Affilorama for the free information. Affiliate marketing is basically the same year after year and follows the same principles. 

With this in mind, Google does frequent updates to its algorithm, and parts of affiliate marketing do change, so updates are necessary.

The choice is ultimately yours, but as I mentioned earlier, many companies offer an affiliate marketing training course, and many are better for the beginner. 

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