Do you struggle with learning how to start an online business?

10 Affiliate Marketing Secrets For Beginners

Have you looked at ways to make money online? There are many different ways, but what about Affiliate Marketing? Are you familiar with affiliate marketing? Let’s look at it closer and talk about my 10 affiliate marketing secrets for beginners.

Did you know that affiliate marketing is not old, it’s not new, and it’s not saturated? It is, however, a perfect way to make money from home.

When I began my affiliate marketing business, I had no idea how to find a way to learn to succeed. Who could teach me what I needed to know, and where would I find these people? After many years and a few scams later, I did succeed. With that in mind, I aim to save you the headache and frustration of trial and error.

Granted, these may not be secrets to the experienced guru, but they are secrets to the beginner. I remember because I knew nothing when I started. But you will have the opportunity to tap into my knowledge.

10 Affiliate Marketing Secrets

I am sure if you are searching the internet for ways to make money online, you have run across the scams that promise to “do it all for you” or “make easy money online.” Have you fallen for some of those smooth talkers and lost your money? I know I did! No more scams for us because I am here to help.

When I began this new venture, it was exciting, fun, and frustrating all at the same time. I found training and support in small pieces and had to put it all together myself. Not to mention, training and support are a deal-breaker for the new entrepreneur.

With any new endeavor, it is necessary to have direction and goals. For this reason, I have lined out 10 secrets of knowledge all beginners need to become successful in affiliate marketing. Let’s get rolling.

  1. Find a Trusted Platform
  2. What Is Affiliate Marketing?
  3. Find A Niche In Affiliate Marketing
  4. Create Your Website For Affiliate Marketing
  5. Prepare Your Site For Search Engines
  6. “Content Is King” In Affiliate Marketing
  7. Set-Up Menus For Easy Navigation
  8. Keyword Research in Affiliate Marketing
  9. Develop Patience
  10. Persevere

Find A Trusted Platform

Just how is one supposed to do this. I mean how will you know if it is trusted or not?

I put together a short list to help:

  • Step-by-step training
  • Easily access support
  • Easy on the bank account
  • Clear objectives
  • No secret hidden fees

Many platforms on the internet will help you get started. But how many will help you step-by-step? Most platforms have either training or support and lack one or the other. So a platform to help has step-by-step training and easy access to support. You don’t want to get into the program, get stuck, and have to wait days for an answer to move you forward.

The Laura Method

Some platforms are costly and will go as high as $10,000 for full access. Not many beginners have that kind of money to spend to see if the program follows through. If the program is constantly asking for more money right at the start, it may be a scam or way out of a reasonable price range.

Make sure you have a clear picture of what you will get for your money right upfront. It may be a scam if the sales page is vague with big promises to make tons of money. What you see is what you get without hidden fees or secrets once you get inside.

No one wants is to start the training only to find out many pieces are missing.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing, and what is it? Since this article focuses on making money with affiliate marketing, I will explain a bit about it. Here is the low-down or the simple explanation, but when you begin your online business, you will want a platform that will explain this in detail. After all, who wants to start something they don’t understand? A lack of knowledge will produce a feeling of failure, which will lead to giving up. Success is everyone’s goal.

Affiliate Marketing is a 4 part system to make money online.

  • You, the affiliate marketer- promote products sold by someone else like Amazon, Walmart, ClickBank, or any company that sells digital or physical products; in addition, you are free advertising for them. In return, you make a percentage commission. For example, you are interested in mattresses, so you put different mattresses on the internet and link to the place that sells these mattresses.
  • The customer or consumer- The consumer goes to the internet looking for mattresses and finds your promotion linked to the company. They click on one, and it takes them to the site that sells the mattress, where they place an order.
  • You make money– You make a percentage of 1%-75% for each sale according to the companies agreement.
  • Everyone is happy -The customer is happy because you solved their problem, and you are happy because you made money.
Join Affiliate Programs Without A Website diagram of affiliate marketing

Find A Niche In Affiliate Marketing

A niche is a small word with a lot of potential. It is the area that you will choose to promote and create a website. Let’s say you like gardening, so you decide to partner with gardening companies and promote everything gardening.

Choosing a niche is easy for some, yet for others, it is a daunting process. You will need a platform with the proper training to guide you in a direction that will help you find a profitable and fun niche.

Create Your Website For Affiliate Marketing

Did you know you can set up a website in 3 minutes? That’s right, just 3 minutes, and this is the easy part. But without the proper guidance, it would take hours, weeks, or months, which is way too much time and effort to waste.

When you search for a place to set up and host your affiliate marketing website, it is imperative to find a hosting platform that meets your needs. Look for one that is affordable and easy to navigate with explicit instructions. Not to mention the platform you choose will need to have SSL and protection included.

Upsells can drain your bank account very fast. So the person training you will need to be knowledgeable in what free offers are out there that can help accomplish your goal.

Prepare Your Site For Search Engines

The most crucial part of affiliate marketing is free traffic from search engines. When you start an online business, you want free traffic. The best way to draw in free traffic is through SEO. Or, in other words, search engine optimization.

some plugins will help with this process, but your trainer needs knowledge of the right SEO plugin to choose. Not to mention that without a deep understanding of the analytic set-up and google recognition, you will be a tiny fish swimming in a vast ocean. Make sure the platform you choose helps you understand and trains you on how to connect all the dots.

When you are checking out platforms to begin your business, look for one that has extensive training and an in-depth explanation of SEO optimization. I tried to do it all by myself when I began, it was so frustrating. Then I found a company who said they would do it for me but never followed through.

An affiliate marketer can learn and apply proper SEO with the right tools therefore finding the right training is again so very important.

“Content Is King” In Affiliate Marketing

Content is King. Many people dread writing and will say, “but I am not a writer.” Very few are born writers. Some may desire to write, but it is still a learning process. Everyone can learn to write content for their site. But once again, you will need training and support.

When you are searching, check it out to see if they have training on how to write and what Google wants. You can do it. Don’t let this little thing stop you, but do find a platform with exceptional teaching on content writing to bring in the free traffic you will need to succeed.

Set-Up Menus For Easy Navigation

Have you ever been on someone’s website and can’t figure out how to find anything? No matter how good the site looks, it is worthless if you can’t find the information. So, what do you do? You click out of that site and go to an organized site.

The way to let others know where things are in your affiliate marketing business is in a menu at the top. When looking for a platform, find one that instructs you on the best visually pleasing and Google-friendly way to set up a functional menu. It may not sound like much, but it is oh so important.

keywords Affiliate Marketing

Keyword Research in Affiliate Marketing

What is a keyword? Think of it as a word that opens the door to the Google search engine. The word fits into an internet lock to open the vast door to recognition. It is the primary key to traffic, and free traffic is money in the bank.

When you search for a platform to begin your business, make sure the training is extensive on using a keyword research tool. Choosing low competition keywords is one of the more important secrets I can share today. Good keywords drive you to the top of the page on the Google algorithm.

Develop Patience

Patience is the most challenging part of affiliate marketing. You put in all of the hard work, and you want everyone to see it right away. But that will not always be the case. When you find the right platform with the proper training and support, you are in a continual learning environment. Your site is up and running quickly, but you still need to add the finishing touches. Those touches will evolve as you do.

When you hear “patience is a virtue” it is the sole truth. Knowledge is power and as you learn and apply that knowledge you will see results.


Let’s compare it to going to your physical job each day. When I was an ER nurse, I worked 12-hour shifts. On one of my shifts, an ambulance came in; immediately, we began CPR and saved this man’s life.

So, when he is stable can we now stop working and go home even if our shift is not over? NO! If we quit and go home, who will help the patients?

A website is like that. Can you stop, sit back, and wait for the money once you follow the top 9 affiliate marketing secrets? After all, you have everything set up. NO! If you stop, then Google stops recognizing your work.

You have to keep putting new keywords and content on your website, and as you do this, your income will grow. It is a process and not a “get rich quick” plan.

Now that is not to say when you get high content on your site you can slow down, at this time, the money will continue to come into your bank account, also known as a passive income.

When you stick with it, you become an authority, and your site matures. Then Google comes along and decides to show it to the world on page one of page one. Google says, “oh man, I really think my readers can benefit from this website information.” “And I think this person knows what they are talking about because all of my readers are searching for the very things he/she puts in their articles.” Also known as keywords.

When Google notices you, it creates traffic, and traffic produces revenue, but again, not overnight.


affiliate marketing pin

Stay in it for the long haul and persevere through the downtimes. Now I am not saying that affiliate marketing is all down, not at all. However, I am saying that life is a series of ups and downs.

In your day job it is no different. If I walked out of my job and quit every time I became frustrated I would never get another job.

For this reason, support is an integral part of becoming a success. A strong mentor and supportive person with knowledge can help one through the tough times and offer a second set of eyes to solve the problems.


Finding the right training and support will lead to the secrets of affiliate marketing. One follows the other until you have created a lucrative money making website and an online business.

Use these steps to determine what platform is right for you. Research to find the one that fits your needs.

The Laura Method

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Do you struggle with learning how to start an online business?

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  1. I was doing some research, and your title caught my eye. These are all essential tips for becoming successful as an affiliate marketer. The truth is that not all platforms can provide all of this to people. This place you talk about must be a really good place. I am going to check it out. In my experience though I think the most important tip is to find the best platform and a niche that serves you well.

    • Hello, Yes, the platform one chooses can make or break them. A niche is one you will work with forever, so choosing a good one is so important. It sounds like you have some good experience with affiliate marketing. Wealthy Affiliate also has so much to offer to add to your experience. You may find it well worth your while to help move you forward. 

  2. Excellent article, thank you.  You make an excellent point about once you get everything set up, you can’t just quit and expect to still earn money.  I loved how you equated that to saving someone’s life and just packing up and going home, too.  That’s a pretty good analogy.  Thanks again for the tips!

    • Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment. One does need to be in it for the long haul just like they do with any physical clock in and clock out job. 


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