Affiliate Marketing-Now To The Future

I hear so often from people considering Affiliate Marketing as a business the concern that the market is becoming saturated.Today we will cover a brief understanding of affiliate marketing and how it is evolving from now to the future and what you need to know to take you life into the future of affiliate marketing. But first, let’s take a peek into the past and see a bit of history.

Affiliate marketing all began with William J Tobin who was the founder of PC Flowers & Gifts. He developed affiliate marketing in 1989 for which he received a patent for in 2000. William J Tobin was known as the first affiliate marketer.

Affiliate marketing all began with William J Tobin who was the founder of PC Flowers & Gifts. He developed affiliate marketing in 1989 for which he received a patent for in 2000. William J Tobin was known as the first affiliate marketer.

Most probably think Amazon developed affiliate marketing. Amazon comes in third to William J Tobin in the year 1996 with the Amazon Associates program. Most affiliate programs that followed Amazon adopted the principle of paying a commission for linked products sold by others.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing involves three groups.

  1. The person selling the product such as Amazon
  2. The affiliate such as a website owner who promotes a product. Like an advertiser
  3. The internet consumer

To sum these three groups up, Affiliate marketing is a company who has products such as Amazon does, partners with an affiliate (a website owner) who advertises the products by posting on a website. The internet consumer then purchases to connect the circle.

When the consumer makes a purchase, the affiliate will receive a commission from the company through a link connecting the company to the affiliate website.

diagram of affilliate marketing

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What Are The Trends Of Affiliate Marketing Now?

The trends have not changed a bit. The amount of people who are doing affiliate marketing has increased but let’s look at what that means.

In a pyramid business, you have to get in on the ground floor. You have to have a company that is new with unheard-of products. Otherwise, you will not get anyone to sign up under you, and that is where you make your money.

In the affiliate marketing business, your income and your company do not depend on anyone but you. You start your business; you complete the work, you make sure you are ranked #1 on google. This business is all yours and depends on no one else.

a man drawing affliliate diagram

There is no saturation to affiliate marketing. There are one billion internet users in the world. All you have to do is learn how to reach a tiny percentage of those people.

Now with this said affiliate marketing hasn’t changed but some of the rules have, like the affiliate disclosures and privacy policies. These will continue to evolve.

What Is The Future Of Affiliate Marketing?

The future also depends on you. Will you be an affiliate marketer in the future? Most people who are starting online marketing will not continue from not to the future. Most of the new business owners will not want to put in the time it deserves to build their company.

Affiliate Marketing is a business just like a brick and mortar business. There isn’t one person who has built a brick and mortar business that will tell you that any business is easy. It takes 1-3 years to make it and up to 3 years to turn a profit. Then you take that profit and pay for the loans and the rent on a building.

There are many get rich quick scams out there today that hope to convince the public that you can make money without putting in the work. NOT true of any legitimate job.

What Is Important To Know

The first thing to remember is you are an affiliate marketer to help solve a problem. You are not starting your business to sell a product. Consumers want to purchase a product that will solve their problem.

For example, if a consumer has dry hair, they want to purchase a shampoo and conditioner that will solve their dry hair problem. 

green background-consumers are the cornerstone and building blocks

The consumer, your customers are the ones who will determine affiliate marketing now to the future. Let’s take a look at what the consumer wants from you and how this will affect your future in affiliate marketing. You are the future!

  1. Mobile friendly websites-70% of consumers today look at the internet from their phone. Your website has to be legible, and the speed of your site will have to compete with other sites. If your site is a millisecond slower consumer will click out of it and go to another.
  2. Videos-the use of videos are growing fast now but in the future videos will be as prominent as reading an article. Consumers will click out of your site and click on a video with the same information.
  3. Email-email communication is getting older. But make no mistake it is still one of the best ways to reach an established audience.
  4. Online shopping-consumers are turning to online shopping. Brick and mortar stores are closing at an alarming rate. Affiliate Marketing will continue to grow if you do.
  5. User experience-focus on what the user wants and how can you make the online shopping experience better for them. Set a website up that is easy to navigate. 
  6. Authority-become an authority in the niche you choose. Brand yourself as your business. 
  7. Be the solution-When consumers are shopping; they have a problem to solve. Be the solution to their problem rather than try to sell them something.
  8. Valuable content-Consumers today are very smart. Don’t try to fool them. Write relevant content so they can relate. Connect with your readers.
  9. Paint picture-When writing about a product paint a picture for your audience. They want to visualize how what you have will help them.

Affiliate Marketing Now To The Future

Is affiliate marketing now to the future saturated? NO. Affiliate marketing is a business, and it is your business. It is not a question of saturation. Instead, it is a question of will you be here in the future. Will you change with the demands of your customers to meet the needs of the consumer or will you fall behind?

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Is affiliate marketing saturated? I would love to hear you opinion and experience. Please leave your comments and questions below in the comment section. I will be back with you shortly. Thank you for stopping by. I do appreciate you. 


4 thoughts on “Affiliate Marketing-Now To The Future”

  1. That was a great history lesson on affiliate marketing! I knew about PC Flower & Gifts being the first with an affiliate marketing program, but I didn’t know that William J Tobin was the guy who did – AND that he received a patent. That’s cool! 

    You said Amazon was the third in line to develop an affiliate program. Just curious if you know who #2 was? (Was it Sears? Did I read that somewhere? I could be making that up.) 

    Anyway, I love this line: “Is affiliate marketing now to the future saturated? NO. Affiliate marketing is a business, and it is your business. It is not a question of saturation.” 

    My husband actually said he’s skeptical of affiliate marketing because he thinks it’s too saturated. He just doesn’t understand affiliate marketing well enough. I should have him read your article! 🙂 

    Like you said, it’s just about connecting with a small group of people who have a problem and trying to help them solve that problem. 

    • Christina, good question. The second to have affiliate marketing was CDNOW. In 1994 the had an idea that music sites could link directly to their site. Visitors to a website could send people directly their music site to review an album and purchase. 

      So many believe like your husband does because they are used to pyramid schemes and not affiliate marketing. My husband thought that Wealthy Affiliate was a pyramid scheme until I explained it to him. 

      All the best to you. 

  2. Good morning,  I must say this article about affiliate marketing and wealthy affiliate is outstanding,  let me say it again it is outstanding,  i love the way that you have Illustrated the history of affiliate marketing, it was just amazing,  everyone who reads this article should walk away with a full understanding of affiliate marketing. I truly think you for the information that you have provided,  I will tell my friends about this article,  thank you so very much for taking the time to give this information.

    • Earl, you are so welcome. thank you for taking the time to read and comment. And yes please do share this with anyone who may benefit. 


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