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Resign With Money was founded by myself, Laura Fuller.

I am just an ordinary person who believes I can achieve the extraordinary life of my dreams.

I was in the workforce for 42 years and retired almost two years ago from ER nursing. Affiliate Marketing was not something that I understood well, but I had toyed with it online for a couple of years.

I did set up a website for my poetry with the help of YouTube videos. It took me three months to set it up. After I finished, I felt lost in the sea of Google and SEO. I had no idea how to help people find my website.

I tried every scam on the market, trying to learn how to optimize my site. I lost a ton of money to people who gave me empty promises.

Today six years later, I am an affiliate marketer with three active websites. Yet, just a short time ago, I had no idea how incredible this business is or what an uplifting experience I would have while learning.

I have set up at least six websites, but a few did not do well. Through my trials and many errors, and yes, through my failures, I am now a successful affiliate marketer. It is with this experience that I can help you set up your online business.

I believed I could achieve my dreams, and with dedication, I have done just that.

My Core Values

These are the values I have built my business on and the morals I will use to help YOU succeed in your online business.

  • Kindness, positive feedback, and patience will make a person.
  • A business created on honesty and integrity will stand the test of time.
  • Truth is the foundation relationships are built on.
  • Empowerment is accomplished through autonomy.
  • To give of yourself to help another is the ultimate road to success.

With my experience over the past six years, I can help you understand and set up an affiliate marketing business with my 4-step blueprint plan. You, too, can make a passive income from home. You, too, can believe and live your dreams.

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