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7 Minute Daily Profits – Inactive Status?

Is 7 Minute Daily Profits another scam? I have reviewed quite a few scams, and this one starts with all of the red flags and then some. But let us take a look to see if the red flags tell us the truth.

 In my review I will cover;

  1. What I found in the videos.
  2. What 7 Minute Daily Profit has to offer.
  3. My recommendations for 7 Minute Daily Profits
  4. Red flags.
  5. My #1 Recommendation

7 Minutes Daily Profits

Program name: 7 Minute Daily Profits 

Founder: Vince Howard

Price: no longer active. Please read on because this is a fishy red flag.

Recommended: NO and not only NO but ABSOLUTELY NOT this  product is a scam.

What I Found In The Video

colage of fake vince howards

The voice narrating 7 Minutes Daily Profits claims to be Vince Howard. The only photo we see of him is this one to the right. I did search for this person, and I am not sure Vince is a real person.

He states that his program is free software that will make $500 a day for you. One man gave a testimony that he made $703 in 6 hours. 

7 Minute Daily Profit is so easy; it only takes 7 minutes to set everything up and begin making money. 

You can make $85,000 in one month and over $200,000 in 2 months. 

The Laura Method

I have reviewed a lot of scams and have observed a change in how they operate. This scam has changed its logo and relaunched the same program just recently. 

People just like you are starting to catch on and are now skeptical. Vince (NOT Vince) does make some manipulative statements to put you at ease. 

He says that he knows you are skeptical and you have every reason to be. Vince tells us a story of how he lost $10,000 to a scam when he was broke and his wife was working two jobs. 

These stories made me skeptical because who has $10,000 in the bank that is broke and cannot pay the bills? But he wants to identify with you, so he may very well be lying about what he has gone through. 

Then he uses the power words to play on your emotion like ironclad, promise, verified, legal, and ethical. Here you have an age-old trick to build your trust and make you move faster to fall for his scam.

He says if you don’t like to work your (a_s) off, then this scam is for you. Work is work, and everyone has to put in their time to make money. 

Vince does talk about some of the old scam tactics like how rich you will be to take vacations and pay off all of your debts. And his sob story is close to the same as other scams I have reviewed. 

What 7 Minute Daily Profit Has To Offer

Oh now, this is interesting. When I put in my email address, I reached a site that said, 7 Minute Daily Profits product is inactive and no longer for sale. It is a message from click bank. 

But I received an email promoting 7 Minute Daily Profits just today. Does this mean that the old product will be re-launched, but it is not available yet? Because the old product on ClickBank is no longer available. 

At this point, I would assume that 7 Minute Daily Profits is no longer a threat to you. But I don’t think so. I am going to finish my review because you need to be aware of 7 Minute Daily Profits. Many scams are relaunched under the same name or a similar name.

Something strange is going on here, and I have a feeling 7 Minute Daily Profits will launch in a few days. I received the first email on this product, and I get over 100 spam emails on scams a day.

The video I watched did not indicate that 7 Minute Daily Profits is a Clickbank product. ClickBank is the one making the inactive statement. 

I want to say something about Clickbank. People put this affiliate company down all the time and say they have mostly scams on their site. But I have run across some good products. What if they took down this product, and Vince is trying to re-launch it on his own to scam you? Just a thought. 

Red Flags

  1. A play on your emotion: He talks about a high-income lifestyle, how you can only care for your family if you have money. 
    An example used in the first video; Vince says his wife works two jobs, they don’t have any money, but he lost all of their savings of $10,000 on a scam. He does this to identify with you. A good friend came along and saved him with this new free software.
  2. There is no information about how you will make this much money using 7 Minute Daily Profits. 
  3. Numerous claims to earn a high dollar income of $200,000 in two months and $500 a day. 
  4. I attempted to make the $9 purchase, and 7 Minute Daily Profits was inactive on ClickBank.
  5. Claims to get rich quick with no work required. Do you really think this is possible?
  6. Use of high emotional power words.
  7. Attempting to identify with you to create trust.
  8. Lies about who Vince Howard is.

I do believe 7 Minute Daily Profits is a scam. It offers high income, and no way to make money, and never delivers on the statements. Be aware of a new launch of this product and watch for all of the red flags that are present in all scams. 

My Recommendations

So, in light of this review, Yes 7 Minute Daily Profits is a SCAM.

Thumbs Down

There are numerous red flags. The statement says 7 Minute Daily Profits is no longer available. But I think he is going to try to re-launch this program again. The information is slightly different from the original Clickbank version others have reviewed. 

The Laura Method

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18 thoughts on “7 Minute Daily Profits – Inactive Status?”

  1. Hi Laura! Thank you for warning us concerning 7 Minute Daily Profits! I agree with you. ClickBank could have closed this scam and Vince Howard is planning to relaunch by his own. So we must still be aware.

    Even it’s name suggests it’s a scam. Anything that sounds like easy money is probably a scam. I don’t like when these sites present these claims about making thousands over night. I’ll keep an eye on them!

    • So many of these scams close and open with a new name. Please do keep an eye out and if you see it open before I do let me know so I can put an alert update on this article. 

  2. Thanks for the review. I think it’s great that you’re educating people on these scams. There does seem to be a website out there at However, it looks like it’s either under construction or the ability to purchase it has been removed. Not sure which. At any rate, anything that advertises instant riches is obviously a scam.



    • You are right. Anything that states instant riches is a scam. It takes time to create a business and making money like this is not possible. 

  3. Laura,

    Wow it really is such a shame to see these programs that play on people’s emotions and the problem is folks fall for it because they feel they are in a desperate situation; I know because I have been one of them in the past.  I agree the red flags are there and like you said, though it appears to be closed down, but most likely will re-open under a different persona.  This has happened with other companies like MOBE, that was shut down by the FTC, and yet there are individuals out there that offer a program  that is just too close, it is way more than coincidence – especially when the pricing and the style is exactly the same.

    With Wealthy Affiliate, is there limitations for starting free?  I looked at some of your links for it and it definitely doesn’t sound like the other scams out there that make impossible promises; they sound for real and upfront – something you don’t see often in this market.


    • Robert, thank you for your question, “With Wealthy Affiliate, are there limitations for starting free?” Yes, there are some limitations. It is more like a free trial. You have access to 80% of the platform for the first seven days. After that, you can remain a free member for up to six months. But if you are serious about creating an online business, you will want to upgrade to learn all there is to learn. It is one time a monthly fee without any upsells. 

  4. Dear Laura,

    I recently came across a few posts promoting 7 Minute Daily Profits. Being an Affiliate Marketer I often look for opportunities for myself and if it’s great will promote it to others.

    However, because of the increased number of online scams without doing our homework if we purchase any make money online product there is more possibility to end up feeling bad about our purchase.

    So while doing some research I came across your review post. I have read some of your reviews they are honest and unbiased so decided to go by your recommendation.

    Fake Owner Information = Fake Product

    Nowadays, many make money online product sales pages are full of hype and unrealistic claims. They use fake scarcity, fake testimonies, and fake owner information.

    Thanks for shedding light on this product and I will stay away from this product.

    Much Success!


    • Paul That is just the thing with this scam. I am also getting emails daily promoting this scam. That is what makes me think it is going to relaunch or come back out with a new name. 

      Thank you for reading my reviews. I do try to give an honest review based on the info I research and my opinion. 

  5. Great review Laura,

    Shame on Vince for trying to scam us, the least he could do is to actually use real photos of him or at least someone maybe a model for his own original picture promo rather than using a stock photo, wouldn’t you agree? Awesome work in exposing their scheme, I was this close to checking it out and falling for yet another useless product. 

    • Hi Riaz, nice to see you again. Whoever picked the testimony people for this scam did try to hide them well. But I did a lot of research and did find a fake couple of testimonies. I would imaging the others are also. Scams often do this. 

  6. I had an awful experience on 7 minutes daily profits few months ago; The testimonies are so fake and the owner Vince Howard isn’t real at all.
    What’s more, when you to the members area you come to find training about email marketing utilizing a flawed and costly paid marketing strategy (solo ads) that is going to cost you hundreds of dollars if not thousands with minimal possibility of success. I wish i found this post earlier.


    • Oh yes Jordon, So many of these scams don’t tell us they require so much money out of pocket just to get rolling. Solo ads are expensive. 

  7. Thanks for taking the time to share this.  It’s seems that more and more scam “opportunities” are popping up.  What I find unbelievable is that they all fail in pretty much the same ways:

    Outrageous claims of making huge amounts of money with little to no effort.

    Use of stock photos as if they’re their own.

    The sense of urgency “hurry before we take this video down”.

    Use of fake reviews from actors for hire.

    The list goes on but you get the idea and 7 Minute Daily Profits ticks several of the boxes.

    Thanks again.  Hopefully this post helps others to avoid, not only this scam (if it does come back as you suggest), but from others as well.


    • You are right, Scott. The red flags are very similar in most of the scams. You can read the red flags in one and spot the others before they get started. 

  8. Hi Laura,

    Thank you for calling out 7 Minute Daily Profits! You wrote a great article, and it made me grateful for already signing up with Wealthy Affiliate, for a year even.

    I have never been with a company where the owner reaches out to see how I am doing. Well, in my first forty-five days, I think I have gotten between four or six private messages from Kyle, one of the owners of Wealthy Affiliates.

    Thanks again for a great article, Laura!

    Cheers, and take care of yourself!


    • John, Kyle, and Carson, the co-founders of wealthy Affiliate are incredible. They stay active in the platform and let each of us know how much they appreciate us. 

  9. You tell a great tale about scams.  Its so nice to see the scam shut down but we all know there will be another following not far behind.
    I think your review is great and clear especially for any newbies that might be looking for these unrealistic opportunities.
    I very much hope if the sequel to this terrible product comes out you very quickly make us aware


    • Dale, I do keep my eye out for scams. I do want everyone to be aware. Keep your eye on my site and to see all of the reviews so you can be safe. Feel free to share if you know anyone who needs the information. 


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