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6 Week Affiliate Masterclass Review-Truth From A Non-Member

6 Week Affiliate Masterclass is a new program soon to launch promoted by Cindy Donovan and JVZoo. This course is actually a promotion and extension of FunnelMates. This article will talk about my 6 Week Affiliate Masterclass review as the truth from a non-member.

We will also explore how the 6 Week Affiliate Masterclass which is an extension of FunnelMates and what to expect.

Will 6 Week Affiliate Masterclass benefit you, and can Cindy follow through with claims to help you make money online. Is this course for you?

Let’s take a closer look at 6 Week Affiliate Masterclass. We will cover:

  1. Who is Cindy Donovan?
  2. What is 6 Week Affiliate Masterclass?
  3. What is FunnelMates?
  4. 6 Week Affiliate Masterclass Review
  5. Upsells
  6. Is 6 Week Affiliate Masterclass A Scam?
  7. My recommendations regarding 6 Week Affiliate Masterclass

6 Week Affiliate Masterclass

Program name: 6 Week Affiliate Masterclass

Founder: Cindy Donovan

Price:  $47

Who is Cindy Donovan?

Cindy Donovan, formerly Cindy Baytte, is an internet guru. She is the developer of FunnelMates and 6 Week Affiliate Masterclass. Cindy lives in Sidney, Australia, and is the mother of 2. She developed her first website while recovering from breast cancer and is now a cancer survivor.

Her history is impressive. She is the founder of Wildfire Concepts, an internet business to help affiliate marketers make money online. In these quotes, Cindy states.

“I have been responsible for all kinds of connections, from helping someone find a designer for a website, to connecting people who have gone on to do deals in the millions.”

Cindy Donovan

“I do what I can to help others experience the benefits of connecting in a real, money in your hand, kind of way – avoiding time wasters and meeting like-minded/driven people who will move you and your business forward.”

Cindy Donovan

What Is 6 Week Affiliate Masterclass?

6 WEEK affiliate masterclass review what is it?

This 6 week Affiliate Masterclass will train you how to use FunnelMates. You are required to purchase FunnelMates to take this class.

The Laura Method

Your 6 week masterclass will offer:

  • 6 recorded live training classes.
  • A PDF with links to resources and notes of each class.
  • Daily assignments 5-10 minutes each and a support group.
  • Cloudbased DFY funnel collection
  • Guaranteed/proven traffic with the use of a traffic tool.
  • DFY information traffic methods that are for beginners when applicable

What Is FunnelMates?

To better understand what the MasterClass is, I will need to talk about FunnelMates. It appears the 6 Week Affiliate Masterclass is a delayed upsell to FunnelMates and designed to teach you how to use FunnelMates.

FunnelMates is a done-for-you funnel system. When you purchase FunnelMates, you will have a dashboard within the FunnelMates platform. On that dashboard, you can build funnels for web pages.

This image says what you get when you purchase FunnelMates.

6 Week Affiliate Masterclass Review FUNNELMATES suite

6 Week Affiliate Masterclass Review

I can’t hardly review the masterclass without talking about FunnelMates because the class is an extension of FunnelMates and as I stated earlier you are required to purchase FunnelMates to take the class.

I have to begin by commending Cindy and her marketing team. The sales page for FunnelMates and the 6 Week Affiliate Masterclass are absolutely excellent. Smoothly worded and written to entice with a wealth of information.

With that said let’s take a brief look at FunnelMates.

FunnelMates Features

  • Create your niche funnel in 27 seconds
  • Preset funnel pages that promote readymade products for you
  • Free giveaways prepared for you in the lead magnet
  • A complete funnel from beginning to the thank you page
  • Hosting for your webpage
  • Integrated autoresponder provided
  • No limit on the number of subscribers
  • Promote well-known affiliate networks
  • Niche choices are provided, and upon request, FunnelMates will provide a new niche of your choice.
  • Option to use up to 5 of your chosen domain names on their hosting platform
  • A promise that it is as easy as connect, select, and profit

It sounds pretty incredible so let’s keep going to see is this is too good to be true.

When Clickfunnels first came out the world of affiliate marketing was rushing to become a part of their funnel world. I was one of them. They too promised the sky as the limit and premade funnels to convert all buyers.

I wonder if FunnelMates is the same basic story. Once I got inside Clickfunnels, the nightmare began. The premade done-for-you funnels had to be customized and connected. It wasn’t very easy, and help was only available to the high-paying affiliates.

Let’s move onto the pricing and upsells and then we will look at the pros and cons to make a better determination on the 6 Week Affiliate Masterclass.

6 Week Affiliate Masterclass review + funnelmates

OTO Upsells

$47-6 Week Affiliate Masterclass. But remember you are required to purchase FunnelMates also so let’s take a look at the pricing of FunnelMates also.

$44.97-Basic FunnelMates ($10 cash to spend on your choice of funnels)

OTO upsell #1-$67-Delux FunnelMates ($30 cash to spend on your choice of funnels)

OTO Upsell #2-FunnelMates Platinum ($27/m – $997, one-time 30-50% commissions) I don’t know if this is a commission for promoting FunnelMates or your commission on the products you sell is higher.

Option 1: $27/m

Option 2: $297/yr

Option 3: One Time Payment $997

With the OTO upsell #2 you get:

  • unlimited funnels
  • sell anything you want
  • white label you funnels
  • publish your funnels
  • clone your funnels

OTO Upsell #3: FunnelMates Source Code Bundle ($97 one-time)-you get 140 funnel pages (Not sure how many you get with the basic package)

OTO #4: FunnelMates Agency ($67 one-time)-you can make funnels and sell them to others

You can potentially pay $1320 for the full use of FunnelMates and the 6 Week Affiliate Masterclass. Pretty good chunk of change.


  • Beginner Friendly
  • With each upgrade, you get an increased amount of dollars to spend on funnels.
  • All funnels are DFY
  • The marketing team who set up the sales page is excellent


  • Strong contradiction! The class is $47, you are required to purchase FunnelMates, but the class is free to FunnelMate members.
  • FunnelMates says they pay you to use their funnels, but you can only sell the funnels within the platform to other members.
  • The cost is enormous.
  • FunnelMates owns your website because it is on their hosting platform
  • You will be promoting programs you know nothing about. Some may be scams, and some may not.
  • The sales page says building an email list is easy and fast. This is just simply not true. Just because you have funnels and lead pages does not guarantee that people will sign up to your mailing list.
  • Stating that this is beginner-friendly is stretching the truth. Most of the phrases are not something a beginner would understand.
  • As with any program like this one, you have to upgrade to get full access and have full benefits.
  • It is not clear what the simple email marketing tool is.
  • All DFY programs have some concerns and drawbacks.

Is 6 Week Affiliate Masterclass A Scam?

No the 6 Week Affiliate Masterclass nor FunnelMates is a scam. It does offer good information but is the information worth the price? A scam is a fraudulent offer and 6 Week Affiliate Masterclass is not a fraud.

My Recommendations Regarding 6 Week Affiliate Masterclass

Although I don’t believe it is a scam, I also do not recommend the class or FunnelMates. Cindy has a wonderful sales page, but she fails to mention that the funnels are not yours unless you pay for all the upgrades. You are hosting on her platform, using her email autoresponder, using her free giveaways, and using her funnels that lead to her promotions. It just doesn’t belong to you.

6 week affiliate masterclass review pin

I believe it is wonderful that Cindy offers a class to teach you how to use FunnelMates. But if FunnelMates is beginner-friendly and all done-for-you, then why do you need a class to teach you how to use it?

Cindy talks about how hard it is to build a funnel. Some of what she says is true. It does take time to create one and learn the proper way to get the funnel connected. But it is not impossible. I have funnels on my website that I created. The cost is no more expensive than what she charges to use FunnelMates.

While I do believe you can make money she never tells you that it may be months. It takes repeated emails to potential customers to convince them to make a purchase. Just because you have an email list does not mean you have targeted traffic that will make a purchase.

And finally, the statement that you work 5-10 minutes a day. Impossible. I believe it may take 5-10 minutes a day to check your analytics but changing your funnels to keep up with your targeted traffic takes more than 5-10 minutes a day.

The Laura Method

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