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4Life Research MLM Review – [Not-Recommended] Pyramid Scheme

With COVID floating around and all of the new strains of bacteria, an immune system builder is critical. But the real question with the 4Life Research MLM Review is can one make money selling 4Life products. 

As a 4Life Research representative, you will need to sell these products, so I will discuss them and whether a supplemental transfer factor really works. But the main focus of this review is on the MLM portion Of the 4Life MLM model of business. 

Company4Life Research
Cost To Start$25
Training IncludedNo
Trustpilot Rating4.0/5
My Overall Rating2/5
What Is BetterThe Laura Method (Affiliate Marketing)

What Is MLM (Multilevel Marketing)?

An MLM, or Multilevel Marketing company, is a type of business that relies on its sales force to recruit additional salespeople below them, thus creating a “downline.” They receive a commission on the downline recruited into the MLM program. 

Some people view MLMs as pyramid schemes or get-rich-quick opportunities to make quick money; on the contrary, very few break even and recoup their money. I will determine later in this review if 4Life is a scam or a pyramid scheme.

Who Is 4Life Research

4Life came into existence in 1998 when a husband and wife duo, “Lisonbee’s” (Bianca Lisonbee and David Lisonbee), cofounded 4Life. David was surfing the internet and ran across something called transfer factor. He discovered that he could harness the transfer factor in nutritional supplements to support a person’s immune system. 

With this in mind, his wife began testing these pills and felt they helped her. So they mortgaged their house and started the company known as 4Life Research nutritional supplements.

David and his wife operate 4Life under an MLM model of business. 

What Is A Transfer Factor?

Transfer factors are immune molecules taken from spleen or blood cells that cause cell-mediated immunity from specific antigens. In other words, some parts of the human body produce cells that can enhance immunity when appropriately administered. 

The immune-producing cells are from bovine colostrum and eggs for nutritional supplements. However, they do not recommend that nutritional companies use human cells. 

Do Transfer Factor Supplements Work?

I could easily open up a lengthy discussion with this question. In this case, let’s briefly discuss both sides of the spectrum. 

The Laura Method

On the one hand, transfer factors are helpful in the treatment of some autoimmune diseases involving the gut. But in my research, I found the transfer factors that help are human blood and colostrum. 

To put it differently, transfer factors from bovine colostrum and eggs as nutritional supplements are controversial. 

In a study by The National Library Of Medicine, the conclusion states that the bovine transfer factor has to be monitored closely and produced in small batches to have the needed effects. It also says that superfood supplements need to have a specific target area to be beneficial. 

Another study conducted by the MDPI states:

“Whether such beneficial effects have the immune effects of BC is plausible but not conclusively proven. Beneficial immune effects of BC have been in animals such as pigs; however, in human subjects, clear biomarkers of an enhanced immune system as a defense against infections are lacking.”

According to Wikipedia:

“Colostrum/egg-derived transfer factors have been promoted as a treatment for many diseases and health concerns but have not been proven effective in the treatment of any of these conditions.”

Herein lies the controversy regarding the effectiveness of the Transfer Factor for immunity.

Now that we understand the transfer factor better let’s move on to the 4Life products and the MLM business model. 

4Life Research Products

They offer many health supplements and are placed in categories on their site as follows:

  • Immune support
  • Targeted Transfer Factor
  • 4Life elements
  • Skincare
  • Transform
  • Essential oils
  • Digestive
  • Energy
  • Workout supplements
  • Bath and Body
  • Fundamentals

4Life’s flagship product is their immune-boosting transfer factor pills to prepare the body to fight disease and illness. 

Their products are not FDA approved because, as the company states, the supplements are not drugs and therefore do not need approval. But this, too, is controversial. 

Better Business Bureau Customer Reviews

4life research mlm review bbb rating

I found 5 comments on the Better Business Bureau with a 4.4-star rating out of 5. It appears the products are highly rated while the customer service is lacking. 

4life research MLM review1
4life research mlm review 2

4Life Research MLM Review

4Life Research is a multi-level marketing company based out of California. They offer a wide range of products, including vitamins, minerals, herbs, and more, and aim to provide customers with safe, natural, and affordable solutions to improve overall health and wellness. 

4Life has a unique business model where they sell their products through independent distributors who then recruit new distributors into their team. In other words, this creates a pyramid structure that allows them to make money off of the recruits. 

Litigation And Issues

Former distributors have filed lawsuits against 4Life alleging unfair practices. In response, 4Life has stated that they will no longer allow distributors to join their team if they are involved in litigation or have had previous complaints filed against them. 

A lawsuit was filed against 4Life Research in 2017 by the Federal Trade Commission over claims of illegal pyramid schemes. The FTC alleged that 4Life Research violated federal law by making false claims about its products and recruiting people to buy them without disclosing that it was an illegal pyramid scheme. 

In 2018, the FTC settled charges brought by the agency against 4Life Research. Under the settlement, 4Life agreed to pay $2 million to resolve allegations that it made deceptive claims about its dietary supplement products. The FTC also ordered 4Life to stop selling its products unless they were sold directly to consumers. 

In 2019, 4Life Research settled another case involving misleading advertising and other violations of federal law. According to court documents, 4Life Research failed to disclose material facts about the risks associated with using its products. 

Price To Join 4Life Research?

To become a distributor, you must purchase starter kits for $25. From there, you are strongly encouraged to buy more packages at higher costs, such as:

  • An immune starter kit at $146
  • Some sort of basic enrolment kit at $250
  • And then a premium kit at $525
  • Then again, you will need to sell or purchase around $120 worth of products monthly; not to mention the expenses of running a business

The price comes to a Grand total of approximately $2000 a year to become and remain a distributor, which could potentially end up as thousands of dollars per year with hidden monthly expenses. 

4Life Research Compensation Plan

4Life Research distributors can earn money 2 basic ways:

  1. They can purchase products for retail sales and make a profit from the markup of the products to earn a retail profit as well as earn rebates. 
  2. Secondly, they can recruit a downline and make income from the resale of their downline profits. 

As a distributor, when you recruit a downline, your compensation plan consists of many levels. Each level comes with different incentives to help motivate you to keep working hard for the company. 

Instead of going into detail on the compensation plan, I will post images. The reason for this is because MLM compensation plans are complicated and made this way, so many believe they can make the big bucks. But as we progress through this review, I will make it clear why only a tiny percentage of distributors in any MLM business model ever break even or earn income. 

4life research mlm review compesation plan

In the image, it appears there are names for the different levels of income and percentages each distributor makes. Such as:

  • Associate
  • Builder
  • Diamond
  • Presidential Diamond
  • And then the less than one percent who make money
  • International Diamond, Gold International Diamond, and Platinum International Diamond.

Video Of The 4Life Research Compensation Plan

Please keep in mind this video is produced by a pro 4Life representative; therefore, it makes it look like one will earn large amounts of money as a distributor. 

Benefits And Drawbacks Of Our 4Life Research MLM Review

So now that you have the most relevant information let’s examine the Benefits and Drawbacks and determine what the potential income truly is. 


  • Company has longevity in business for 24 years
  • Products are well-liked by most, with good reviews


  • It is an MLM business model
  • Most people do not make money from an MLM business; in fact, most don’t break even
  • There are numerous lawsuits from distributors and the government, but in their defense, they did respond to allegations quickly
  • 4Life is not upfront about the total expenses it takes to remain a distributor
  • The company is running a pyramid scheme

4Life Research MLM Review Income Disclosure

An income report fom 2016 is the last one I can find for this company; with that said, MLM companies do not have to produce an income disclosure. I will post the 2016 income disclosure because the figures in percentage are very similar to the success of distributors today. These figures ring true for all MLM business models. 

The image states that the majority of people do not make money, and less than 1% of all distributors make enough money to be above the poverty level yearly income in the United States. 

In other words, 97% to 99% of all distributors don’t break even and may even lose money. There are hidden expenses they have to maintain just to stay in business. 

4life research mlm review income disclosure

Why 4Life Research Does Not Need A Recent Income Disclosure

The FTC allowed David Vladeck, the chief of the Consumer Protection Bureau, to make all MLM companies exempt from requirements to release an income disclosure. Yet some MLMs release disclosures that set a standard for all other companies. 

A direct selling company such as the 4Life Research Multi-level marketing business model may take advantage of the legal exemptions given by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). They recruit distributors based on the absence of facts.

Is 4Life Research MLM Review A Scam?

scam is a fraudulent business where the company is dishonest in what they offer; with this in mind, I think 4Life Research products are not a scam. You pay money for a product, and 4Life Research provides you with the product. Although they have expensive products, they are not a scam.

Is 4Life Research MLM Review A Pyramid Scheme?

To answer this, I have to go off the definition of a pyramid scheme, and with this in mind, I have to say from my 4Life Research review, my conclusion is yes, it is a pyramid scheme.

The definition of a pyramid scheme, according to Wikipedia, is: In a pyramid scheme, an organization compels individuals who wish to join to make a payment. In exchange, the organization promises its new members a share of the money taken from every additional member that they recruit.

My Recommendations Regarding 4Life Research MLM Review

I do not recommend that anyone become a 4Life Research distributor or a business owner. The odds of making money are stacked against you with this business opportunity, and the income disclosure clearly states as all do that, less than 1% make money.

4life research mlm review pin

To put it differently, this company is making money from the products the distributors purchase and attempt to sell. With that in mind, a distributor has to purchase approximately $120 worth of products per month which falls into the hidden monthly expense.

Although, the products do have good ratings, and they may do what the company claims; is that a reason for you to go into debt attempting to sell for 4Life Research? You may get a discount, but I seriously doubt that will make up for the money you will lose. 

So, why not just buy the products and leave the headache of an MLM business behind?

I mean, really, it sounds like a good company, but only a handful of people benefit from an MLM company, and 4Life is no different than the majority of MLM companies.


4Life Research may perform good research and produce good products, but the MLM portion of the business is a pyramid scheme, and very few will ever make money.

The Laura Method

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