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3 Simple Sources of Website Traffic To Excel Your Growth

Website visitors are the lifeline of an online business; in other words, visitors are the key to success. Typically, we rely on organic search traffic from Google and Bing. Today, there are many other reliable sources one can use to bring in visitors. Here are 3 Simple Sources of Website Traffic To Excel Your Growth.

What Are These 3 Sources of Website Traffic?

  • Pinterest
  • YouTube
  • Email Marketing

Pinterest For Website Traffic

I love Pinterest because it is such a visual platform. There are millions of quotes and business pins on this platform.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest started with Ben Silbermann, the CEO and a cofounder in 2010. By August of 2010, it had grown to 5,000 users. But by April of 2012, the users has exploded to 17 billion.

Pinterest is a visual platform that stole the hearts of many social media lovers. Why is visual so essential? Well, something visual is easier to understand than a block of text. Your mind processes a picture quicker and remembers 80% compared to words, of which it will retain only 20%.

That is a huge difference, which is why Pinterest is the first platform we will talk about to drive traffic to your website.

How To Sign Up For A Business Account For Website Traffic

The first step in this process is to sign up for a Pinterest account. It is straightforward.

  • On your laptop, go to Pinterest.  On your phone, download the Pinterest app.
  • In the upper right corner of your laptop, click on the “signup tab.”
  • You have the option to sign up with an email and password, Facebook account, or a Google account; with this in mind, choose how you will sign up and when you have completed this
  • Then click the “continue” tab. BUT WAIT!
  • Choose business account to drive traffic to your website. You can do this by skipping the signup process and scrolling to the bottom of this form to click on “business account.”
  • Next, you will see a form to put in your email account, and  password then
  • Click on “create account.”
  • Choose the country where most of your traffic will generate. For example: if you are in South Africa and most of your website traffic or your targeted audience is from the US, you will want to choose the US.
  • Click “next.”
  • Name your Pinterest account. I name mine after my business, such as “Resign With Money.”
  • Choose the type of business.
  • Click “next.”
  •  Next verify your website which is a simple process. Put your site name in the field in this format “” click “next.” Some will say to skip this step and come back later but don’t do that because we want every post linked to your website. This is the source of free traffic.
  • Now put the HTML code into your website.
  • Here is a link to Pinterest for instructions.

YouTube is a great source on Pinterest Pins and how to make and post one. Just search YouTube for “Pinterest” expert tutorial.

pinterest for business Website Traffic

How Best to Use Pinterest For Website Traffic

Let’s take a look at things you can do to drive traffic back to your site.

  1. Verify your Pinterest website- You must verify your site, as I mentioned above. What good is it to have a million pins that go nowhere? People come along and click on your pin, save it to their board, and it becomes a chain reaction, with many doing the same. When you verify, the link to your website is connected, which leads people to click on your website. The more people who share your linked content and the more traffic you will get to your website.
  2. Use video pins – Pinterest now allows you to use quick 3-15 sec video pins. I had no idea what a difference a video pin vs. a photo pin would make. Pinterest promotes video pins at a higher rate than photo pins, which drives more impressions to your account and more traffic to your website. People are more likely to save a video pin because they catch the eye with animation. Not as many people use them as much as photos which will put you as a front runner on Pinterest.
  3. Make your site visually pleasing – Remember that Pinterest is a visual site with pictures that link to your website. Because of the visual aspect of Pinterest, it is also crucial that your site appears clean and organized. Make it clear what you are promoting but do so in an organized, easy-on-the-eye way. When you create your video pins, use the same template for each, change the title and the video, and have a professional-looking site.

I use Canva, which has templates and videos available for use. Canva review.

YouTube For Website Traffic

I have a YouTube Channel that drives traffic back to my Website. It has driven my visitors up tremendously.

The Laura Method

A Bit About YouTube

YouTube was co-founded in 2005 by three employees of Paypal, Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim.  They chose the domain name “,” and it became activated on February 14. It wasn’t until April 23, 2005, that the integration to upload videos was available. After just six months, they had over two million people visiting a day.

Why Is YouTube So Popular?

Well, for one, all of the people on YouTube created it; for this reason, the creators make it happen and keep it going. We, the people who make videos and watch them, are the reason for YouTube.

Videos are visual and verbal; therefore, they trigger the emotional part of the brain. When you watch a video, it is an emotional experience, not just a mono view of words on a paper.

Most people making the videos are just like you and me. They are the girl or guy next door who the world sees as just a bit extraordinary and give us hope and someone to look up to.

youtube for business Website Traffic

How To Start A YouTube Channel For Business

The most crucial part of beginning a YouTube channel is to “just get started.”  It can be intimidating at first. Not many people see your channel at first, and you will become a pro by the time you gain subscribers. It doesn’t take long to improve.

Create an Account

  • First head over to YouTube and click sign-in in the upper right corner. If you have an account, sign in.
  • Secondly click on “create an account” at the bottom of the box.
  • Next, choose the drop-down option “to manage my business.”
  • Then, fill out the information and sign in.
  • Go to the round, no face icon in the right corner. Click on this to set up your channel.
  • From the drop-down, select “create a channel” Now create a channel name. Use a very catchy name. You are allowed to change this name one time in so many months. The catchy name will entice people to check out your channel and subscribe.
  • Click the “I understand” box and hit “next.”
  • Next, fill out the description. Use 2 or 3 sentences to say who you are and what people can expect to find on your channel. Be sure to add some keywords that you use for your website to help Google rank your YouTube channel.
  • Now, on the same page, link your website and any social media platforms you want others to notice. Linking your website will send traffic back to your site.
  • Hit “save and continue.”
  • Next, skip upload a video and click on your profile icon in the top right corner.
  • Then, click to bring up the drop-down menu and find “settings” and find “channel status and features”
  • Directly under your profile picture click “verify your channel” Fill out the necessary information and choose how to receive your code, automated voice message or text message.
  • Put the code in the designated area. You have verified your channel.
  • Oh one last tip here, put your company logo or photo in the profile frame.

Here is a video to an expert YouTuber with more on the set-up.

How to Drive Website Traffic from YouTube

You can accomplish this task with a few simple ideas. I will mention about 3 ways.

  1. End Cards – When you have a business account that links to your website, you can set up something called end cards which are like ads at the end of your video. You can link them to other videos or your website. Imagine when a person finishes your video, they see an interesting card pop up on the screen to share a part of your website. They will then go to that site, thus more visitors.
  2. Description – When you publish your video, you have the option to place a description below it. Look at any video, and just below the video, you see what the video is all about. In this area, you can put the link to your website. Also, put a bit of information about how they can find “this or that” with more details. They click on your link, and you gain more visitors to your site.
  3. Tell your viewers what you want them to do – In your video and your description, be very specific about what you want. For example: “click on the link below and go to my website for more information on…..” Or “follow the link above my head to take you to my website where you will find a free E-Book” Or “Go to …. for your free E-Book.” Spell it out, direct them to the right place and tell them what you want them to do when they get there.

Email Marketing For Website Traffic

For a very long time, Email marketing sent chills of fear up my spine. But when I began using AWeber with templates, I realized how easy it is, not to mention how incredibly valuable it is for my business.

Email Marketing History

Email market has spanned 50 years, and 4.2 billion email users worldwide today. Many believe that email is old and no longer useful for marketing. That is so far from the truth. One can expect to make two back for every dollar spent on email marketing.

Why Do You Need An Email List?

When marketing a product, a person needs to see or hear about it seven times before they make a purchase. Part of it is “out of sight out of mind,” yet another part is building trust. Email marketing can bring your product and website to the consumer many times over with a different approach each time.

Email marketing is the greatest fear-producing ways to drive traffic. In other words, most don’t know how to write emails. But today, we have the use of autoresponders that have incredible templates and automated emails. I have tried a few and found AWeber to be the very best for affiliate marketing.

Email lists allow you to engage your readers and control the conversation. You own your email list, unlike social media platforms, where you are at the mercy of the individual algorithms.

Have you heard of “the fear of missing out?” We can construct an email in a way that the receiver will feel left out if they don’t click on it; as a result, more people open emails.

Website Traffic email marketing for business

How To Build Your Email List?

Building your list may sound complicated, but it is well worth the effort you put into it. It is a continual process and pays off time after time. A few ways to create an ongoing list are:

  1. Use an opt-in form on your website – you can find free plugin forms such as WP Subscribe and WP Optin that allow you to place a form as a widget or pop-up. When using a pop-up, make sure it is not obtrusive or in your reader’s face, given that you prefer to have one show upon exit or a slide in from the side.
  2. Offer a free product – You can offer a free E-Book that you create from a blog post you wrote. I use Designrr to create my E-Books. Meager price and easy to use. Create a video tutorial on something related to your website. Use a survey to capture emails or a questionnaire. Offer a free webinar.  Or maybe a free how-to checklist on the organization of their time. These are some suggestions that may help but are not an all-inclusive list. Check other sites to see what they offer and use them as a guide.
  3. Create engaging, exciting blog content – Your content can bring your readers back to you. You are an authority in your niche. Place a signup form on your site merely asking for their email address so you can send them new content when it comes out.

Once you begin your list, use a free autoresponder such as Constant contact, until your list outgrows the free version. As I mentioned earlier, I use Aweber because it has the best tutorials and supports systems and now offers a free trial. I have used live chat many times to help me understand the elements of email marketing.

How to Best Use 3 Simple Sources of Website Traffic

Each one of the three simple sources of Website Traffic will excel your growth. But it would be best if you used them properly. No one likes spam, and your readers will not either. The key is to make your content for each platform so enticing and SEO optimized that the people will come to you. DO NOT chase your potential customer down and hound them.


On Pinterest, there is an option to message your audience. I do not use this option. However, I make sure my account is set up correctly for my business and then follow 10-20 new people per day. If they are interested, they will come to you and follow back. Post your content over time and not all at once. Posting too many pins in one day will flag your account; that is to say, you never want a social media platform to watch everything you do. They will get tired and ban you.


With YouTube, follow the guidelines. Take time to read what content is acceptable and what is not. Make sure you set each video for children or not for children. Mark your content appropriately.

Email Marketing

website traffic pin

As for email marketing, DO NOT spam your clients. They signed up because they trust you to treat them with respect. Do your research to find out the best time to send out emails. Know your target audience and send only emails that pertain to their interests. Use your google analytics to learn more about your followers, like what age and gender they are and their demographics.

The last tip is; do not act like a marketing scammer. They send out spammy emails daily or numerous times a day. Limit your emails to once a week and occasionally send an extra one when something big happens in your business. Sending out daily emails will turn your readers off and make them unsubscribe.

Final Thoughts

You are a business owner with expert authority in your niche. You may not feel that way yet, but that is how your followers and Google view you. These three methods are simple, but they may take a bit of time to learn; however, it is well worth your time to use each one to create an audience that will generate a passive lucrative income for you in the years to come. All three methods interact with the other one. All will move you forward and set your feet on solid ground.

Do you have thoughts or questions? I am here to assist you. Please leave all questions and comments in the comment section below.

The Laura Method

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Do you struggle with learning how to start an online business?

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  1. This is an excellent post on these 3 simple sources of website traffic. We have used these 3, although we are just starting on YouTube.  Notwithstanding, we can see its potential – more so now with your articulation how we can leverage this to drive traffic to our website.  We like Pinterest as well and have been using it extensively and the results speak for themselves.  So easy to use and so effective.  Thank you for sharing your insights on these 3 traffic sources.

    • Hello, I do use all three platforms and forms to produce traffic. I find that they are all equally as important in their own way. Thank you for stopping by. Please let me know if I can be of any assistance. 

  2. Oh! Your information is invaluable. I must say that I appreciate you for providing this information, and I am so happy I ran across it. It is not just about getting started with the business. It is about getting started and getting to the very top of it. I like what I have seen here, and thank you for sharing. I have heard that Pinterest can help a lot though I have never used it for my business before. Thanks

    • Hello, Yes, Pinterest can make a difference. I like using it because it is interesting and quite easy. The video pins are quite popular right now. 


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