12 Minute Affiliate-$460 A Day Or Not

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What is the 12 Minute affiliate system? Devon claims it is a plug and play affiliate system that makes affiliate marketing commissions easy. He also claims that he cracked the success code with his new 12 Minute affiliate system.

Let’s get right into this to determine if what Devon claims is true or not.

I will be covering;

  1. What I found in the videos
  2. What 12 Minute affiliate has to offer you
  3. My recommendations
  4. Red flags
  5. How you can create an online business that will stand the test of time.

12 Minute Affiliate System

Program name: 12 Minute Affiliate System

Founder: Devon Brown

Price: the first month is $9.95 then $47 a month with upsells all the way to $950.

Recommended:        Scam-no      Recommended-no

What I Found In The Video

In the video the speaker, I am not sure if it is Devon Brown or not, tells us that you can make a commission in the first week and this exact system can make you $460 a day. 

It only takes 12 minutes to set the system up after you make your first purchase for $9.95 and then $47 a month and an array of upsells.

You can set everything up in 12 minutes. Heck, it took me that long to set up my autoresponder as a newbie. 

photo of 12 minute

If  It Promises Quick Easy Money Then It May Be A Scam

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But he does claim you do not need any experience, it is all done for you, and the program is perfect for beginners.

 The speaker states there are three challenges to Affiliate Marketing.

  1. Finding the highest converting products. High conversion rates require hard work.
  2. Offer a bunch of products a bunch of times to a bunch of people. Most only offer a select few products and only offer it one time. 
  3. Obtaining fast traffic. Generating leads is the hardest part of Affiliate Marketing.

BUT with the 12 Minute Affiliate System, he can show you how to do this in 12 minutes. 

One thing he did say is that the testimonies are real people and not paid actors. I could not find any duplicates of any of his testimonials. Either they are real or well hidden.

Devon's Description Of Affiliate Marketing

When the speaker was describing Affiliate Marketing, he used the screenshot below to bring his point across.  He clearly stated that this is what Affiliate Marketing is. 

His statement began to raise red flags regarding 12 Minute program because Affiliate Marketing is nowhere near what he says. 

I outlined my concerns in red. Someone else does not create the website, nor do they handle customer support. 

If they return a product then yes this is true, but when they come to your site, you are their customer support. You answer the questions and help the consumer solve problems.

poor what affiliate marketing is

What 12 Minute Affiliate Has To Offer You

Devon is offering you a type of funnel system with ready made landing pages and a choice of affiliates to use. 

Once you pay your $9.95, you are directed to set up your 12-minute system. 

Here are the steps you go through.

  1. You first will choose a niche. Now, remember Devon told you he would give options for the highest converting products for you to promote. You can choose from the different options provided. 
  2. Then you set up your affiliate programs. Again the program gives you suggestions like Clickbank as your first one.
  3. Next, you set up an autoresponder. The exercise recommends Aweber, which is a charge of $19 a month or higher. 
  4. He then introduces the 12 Minute Affiliate Funnel that you will activate. 

There are a couple of more steps, but they require an upgrade. Both are “done for you” offers.

In this screenshot, I took regarding “everything you’re getting” he lines it all out for you. 

  1. The funnels are already set up according to what niche you choose, and it appears that if you want to select a second niche, you will need to pay again. 
  2. The program has email responses you copy and paste into your autoresponder messages. 
  3. You will find Instructions on how to set the system up.
  4. There is a custom funnel wizard which is an upgrade.
  5. A Private Facebook group that only has 25 subscribers. 

Bonus #1 I don’t know about this one — $ 497 for personal development?

Bonus #2 Another upgrade that will generate leads for your business. I have free traffic to my website through SEO optimization, and I do not pay $97. I attract free traffic through valuable content and keyword research. 

Bonus #3 So it appears they will charge you an upgrade if you want them to promote the products you have chosen in your niche. 

A Grand total of$6791 that you will only need to pay around $950 to access the complete program.

My Recommendations

Thumbs Down

I can not honestly say that 12 Minute Affiliate System is a scam because they do have funnels and instructions to set it all up. They do offer support even though I believe it is a weak support system. But I do not recommend this program to anyone. I will explain below.

The 12 Minute Affiliate System does have its share of red flags. I will list them below. He does hide them under other comments. Some of the red flags are more difficult to see. 

Red Flags

  1. Pressure sales: You better act NOW because the website can be taken down any minute.
  2. No skills needed, it is suitable for the inexperienced Affiliate Marketer. When I was a newbie, there is no way I would have understood all of the instructions.
  3. It is not easy, but they will make it all easy for you. 
  4. You can make $460 a day, and you can make it within the first 12 minutes.
  5. There is Very little information about how you will make this much money
  6. His claim to fame with the 12 Minute Affiliate program.
  7. Upsells all the way to $950. I am not sure you will have all the tools you need unless you upgrade.
  8. His description of what Affiliate Marketing is was way off base and not right.

I can not in all honesty call 12 Minute Affiliate a scam. They have the right idea with funnels to convert consumers, and they may have some decent funnels. But you can not get rich from a funnel. You need to attach the funnel to a website or some other product page. 

I do not recommend this company because I do not believe the system they have set up will generate $460 a day. Affiliate marketing takes time and effort to create an income. 

The choice is ultimately yours, but the red flags are present and my recommendation is no. 

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When you choose to upgrade you receive 25 websites included in your membership which is only $49 a month without any upsells.


Don’t be shy. Step inside and have a look. I will be there waiting for you. You will have me as a personal coach to help you grow and succeed — a real person to assist and help you learn.

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If  It Promises Quick Easy Money Then It May Be A Scam

 See the method that taught me all I needed to know to make a passive income online.

What do you think? Is 12 Minute Affiliate System a trustworthy and reliable source to set up a business for your future. I am here to answer questions and assist you. Please leave comments in the comment section below, and I will be back with you shortly.

The Proven 4-Step Affiliate Marketing Blueprint

This is the exact same formula I use to create a passive income and build a lucrative business online with NO prior experience in marketing or the internet...

6 thoughts on “12 Minute Affiliate-$460 A Day Or Not”

  1. I was in Anik Singal’s Launchpad affiliate system and I was thinking why are these people pricing their systems so high, with Anik’s system priced at $1,000 and this 12 Minute Affiliate is equally high at $950. They could have priced them below $100 and yet make money because a lot of people will surely subscribe. 

    If I were the creators of these systems, I’d rather make hundreds or thousands of small money rather than trying to make thousands out of a single customer. You said that in the Facebook group they have, it looks like there’s only 25 people in the group, which might be fake customers, too. I think that’s what happen when a marketer dreams of making thousands out of a single customer, that if they fortunately got one customer, the next customer will be after a decade or a century.

    • I wonder if these people think the public will see them as more credible if they charge more? I also see a trend among scams.

      For example last week they all have high upgrades, next week they all have $1 offers and next week they all have sob stories. It makes me think the same people run all of the scams. 

  2. $460 a day would be pretty nice, but numbers like these always have me on the lookout for red flags. I never like to see the words array of upsells, ouch. 12 Minute Affiliate has me heading farther toward the hills. No one likes pressure sales. You’ve referenced a great alternative in Wealthy Affiliate and all who don’t know about it should check out the link!

    • The red flags are all there. I do hope people stay away f on these scams. 

      Wealthy Affiliate is an incredible alternative. 

  3. What I and I think most others would say is, if it looks too good to be true, then don’t do it. The name “12 minute affiliate” sounds a little too short to run a business. Heck, even Time Ferriss wrote a book on “The Four Hour Work Week,” not the “12 minute work week.” What’s your thought?

    • It takes 12 minutes to set it up. But even this statement is false. When I clicked through it the set up time was way off. There wasn’t a lot for about this one for sure. 


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