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1 Day Work Week – 3000 dollar+ upgrades? Is It A Scam?

1 day work week company is an MLM (multi-level-marketing) structured company with upsells for funnel sets to use in affiliate marketing. First off, how many people actually make money with an MLM system. The ones at the top do, but as the tier decreases, less and less make money.

In this article, I would like to determine if this company is a scam or legit. I mean who charges 3000 dollars+ upgrades? 

I would also like to cover;

  1. Who is the COE and founder J. Joshua Beistle 
  2. What 1 day work week has to offer you.
  3. Upgrades/upsells 
  4. My recommendations
  5. Any red flags
  6. My #1 recommendation.

1 Day Work Week

Program name: 1 Day Work Week

Founder: J. Joshua Beistle

Price: 1 Day Work Week price is $48.98/month, additional upsell to $149.98/month, then 3 more upsells total of $3000.00. Oh, and if you want to be an affiliate and sell the product, it will cost you another $19.99 for each product you wish to promote. 

Recommendations: I do not recommend 1day work week. I will explain my choice in the information below. 

Who Is J. Joshua Beistle?

Joshua introduces himself as Jay the founder and CEO of 1 day work week. 

I did some digging into Jay to see what type of reputation he has. 

Jay was also the founder of my phone room which he relaunched in 2017.  It appears to me he has incorporated “my phone room” into one of the upsells of  1 day work week.

The Laura Method

He was also the founder and CEO of JubiRev/JubiMax in 2013.

photo of J. Joshua Beistle

In 2013 JubiRev/JubMax was operating at the same time a number of  Ponzi Schemes was taken down. 

I read reports stating that Jay’s company had a gradual decrease in the payout to their affiliates and consequently closed their doors. 

My question is, did Jay close his doors because he was about to be closed as a known Ponzi scheme. I do not know for sure, but it does sound fishy. 

The Ponzi Scheme is named after Charles Ponzi in the 1920s and is essentially an illegal pyramid scheme.

Jay starts off his video well. He appears to be very good at selling and speaks well, especially in this 1 Day Work Week video. Jay would make an excellent motivational speaker. 

So I put in my email address to see what he had to offer. 

Jay talks about 1 Day Work Week as an E-store where you sell a product that he recommends. He then tells us we will be selling CBD oil for a company he is promoting. While CBD oil is an excellent alternative for many ailments, I did not see this coming. 

As Jay continues, he tells us about a payout system that he calls a leverage system. In reality, it is a Multi-level-marketing system. There is not much difference between this company and any other MLM business. 

He describes how you get paid when you make a sale and again when someone signs up under you as your down line. 

What sets 1 Day Work Week apart from other companies like this one is; Jay is offering you a full-scale, entirely staffed phone crew to make the cold calls for you if you upgrade to the Accelerator program for $49.98 a month. 

Jay says 1 Day Work Week is a business that will pay you, but you don’t have to do any work because if you pay him enough, he will completely control your business, and you will make money. Does this sound right to you?


products with upgrade prices

So far, we see that 1 Day Work Week is a business selling CBD products, Jay will have full control, you will make money, and if you want to become an affiliate and sell more of his products, you pay $19.99 a month for each program you wish to promote as an affiliate. I believe there are five programs. 

1 Day Work Week then takes a sharp turn and offers you funnels that you can use in any business or website. It has nothing to do with the CBD products that you will sell. 

Jay tells us that for a limited time only you can open your e-store free. The value of his offer is $5000.00, but to you it is free. 

His statement is misleading. You can open an e-store to sell CBD in an MLM system. You can pay $49.98 a month and upgrade to an additional $149.98 a month an then again to a total of $3000.00+ upgrades. 

How is this free?

Let’s talk about red flags. I do see some and I will list them for you just below here. 

Red Flags

  1. Free – Jay is offering you a free program worth $5000.00? Not Real!
  2. Jay’s poor reputation precedes him. He has had companies in the past that bordered on illegal
  3. He has lumped five products into one program and is inconsistent with his information
  4. You have to pay $19.99 to become an affiliate with each product.
  5. Many times throughout the video he claims this offer is for a limited time only. 

Five red flags do not look like very many but look at the magnitude of each one of these. Each one carries a heavyweight with it.

My Recommendations

Thumbs Down

Thumbs down all the way. Is it a scam? I can’t call it a scam because the products they offer are real. But, in this review, I did realize that 1 Day Work Week is not a business practice that I feel you will make a good income. With most MLM companies you will end up losing more than you paid into the company.

The Laura Method

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Do you struggle with learning how to start an online business?

8 thoughts on “1 Day Work Week – 3000 dollar+ upgrades? Is It A Scam?”

  1. Not only is he inconsistent, but he also cannot keep a company going. People like this give affiliate marketing such a bad name.

    I have not seen this 1Day Work Week, but I have seen some of the others you mention Jay is associated with.
    Thankfully, I didn’t fall for them because I have seen it before, took a test drive and jumped out as soon as things looked even slightly fishy.

    I am also a member of Wealthy Affiliate and I am delighted to be there. It is so far above what this poor guy is trying to put on the market. WA completely above board and legit, and they have an unheard of 14-year tenure in online marketing.
    Not to mention 1.4million members and growing,
    Love the training. Love the community.
    Love this review.

    Take care

    Gwendolyn J

    • Gwendolyn, Thank you. Yes, Wealthy Affiliate is time-tested and trustworthy. I gave an honest review but I couldn’t recommend a company with these red flags. 

      I can, however, recommend Wealthy Affiliate many times over. 

  2. 1 Day Work Week clearly targets newbies who do not know anything about online marketing or to be exact affiliate marketing. The truth is it doesn’t cost that much to have a web hosting and have your domain. As for promoting affiliate program, you never have to pay ever. I have had some experience with network marketing and multi level marketing in my life time. Yes, you have to pay to subscription which is usually an annual fee but you have to purchase the products to maintain your membership. While MLM is more of whom you recruited to be your downline. I think it’s funny that Jay came up with this ridiculously fee. He said that he will do everything for you, you just sit back and watch your money grow for a lot of money. Here is the thing, how come you still have to promote his CBD? Aren’t you supposed to be sitting back and relax? By the way, there are many CBD affiliate platform that you can promote in any of the affiliate network. Also Jay’s track record isn’t so clean. My verdict is (solely my opinion of course) that Jay is a con artist. He is basically Bernie Madoff of MLM. I do hope that all the newcomers do their due diligence and see your review. Thank you for the warning.


    • Oh, I do agree with what you are saying. He is so inconsistent. Inconsistency breeds mistrust. Jay is good at what he does but what he does is not good. He hides many other companies within this one company and tries to sell all of them together. 

  3. Thanks for a great review here! $3000+ upgrades seem a bit off the mark and draw red flags right away for me. You’ve provided some valuable background information on Ponzi schemes and explained 1 Day Work Week very thoroughly. It’s important to provide awareness about a company like 1 Day Work Week. Your alternative Wealthy Affiliate on the other hand is exceptional. I’m looking forward to reading more of your reviews, well done!

    • Thank you so much for stopping by and taking the time to read and comment. Please do check out Wealthy Affiliate. With WA it is a no-risk, no-obligation opportunity. Step inside and take a look. I know you will be pleasantly surprised. 

  4. Hi there,

    I have participated in many MLM companies, and I can tell you none of them have been a good experience. Now, that you are giving us those red flags, I can feel that most of those companies are the same but I can tell you that one day work looks the worst. However, I’m happy that you mention other options that are not MLM like a wealthy affiliate. You can manage your own product and time and it is a way to make good passive income in the future.

    I would like to add that based on my experience, I agree with you. Now, if you want to make money, you have to work hard and be consistent to get great results, instead of paying for a product that can become a headache if you don’t sell it.

    Thank you very much for sharing your experience.

    • I too was burned by MLM companies. Wealthy Affiliate is absolutely not an MLM. With 14 years of experience and imporvements, it is the most trusted website building platform in the world. Yes, it does take persistence and consistency but it is worth every bit of effort you put into it. 


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